Recovering after reformat but some questions

  gudda96 10:36 24 Jun 2006

After reformatting twice and still not confident, I am re-installing and have some questions if you can help please.

1-I use BT BB and I used to have 2 tvs in system tray to tell me I was online but cannot find them.

2-I did a backup of my docs etc on a memory stick which I normally insert in a USB port on front of CPU tower and it shows in My computer as "removable disk" or "F". If I insert it now so I can transfer files, it does not show when I c/o my computer. All that shows is C drive/ A drive/ D drive.

  johndrew 10:46 24 Jun 2006

Go to `Start>Control Panel>Network Connections` Right click your `Dial-up` connection select `Properties` and at the bottom of the `Connection Properties` window ensure the `Show icon in notification area when connected` box is checked.

  gudda96 10:55 24 Jun 2006


network connections does not show me a "dial up" choice??

I have Network Set up Wizard/ Newconnection Wizard/
and Local Area Connection

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