Recovered photos-can they be deleted permanently ?

  Channel 20:50 05 Nov 2010

I've used Photorec on my hard drive to find deleted .jpeg photos, and as someone said elsewhere, it recovered images from long ago.Total nearly 3000 ! BUT most of them were images I'd never downloaded/installed;eg Small images of nearly all the government, the Royal family, Michael Jackson, and icons from various websites, or book covers.How did they get there ? Surely they take up room on the hard drive that could be used more usefully ? Can I delete them permanently somehow without formatting the drive ? I was the more surprised as I have a defrag program working in the background when the PC is idle, which I thought would make them irrecoverable.Can anyone enlighten me ?

  VoG II 21:10 05 Nov 2010

Almost certainly temporary copies of images found on the internet, Try CleanUp! click here

  gourmand 22:54 05 Nov 2010

The only way to actually delete files ie. pictures is to re-format your harddrive, as a normal "delete" just allows the file to be written over, however if you wish to make these files un-readable, free software such as "file shredder" enables you to over write the "free space" on your drive with layers of "gobbldegook" to make them un-recoverable.
Hope that helps.

  Channel 15:36 06 Nov 2010

Thank you both.I've now used CleanUp and deleted many items.(I used it in demo mode first)It's something I wouldn't want to use often as it deletes not just the temp files but the cookies for my homepage and others I visit regularly.It's a pity you can't specify files to keep as with CCleaner.I'm surprised Ashampoo Winoptimiser7 hadn't deleted them all.I wonder if the offending pics I had were indeed temp files as they were .jpg and not .tmp. CleanUp didn't list any .jpg files to delete , so would they still be there? (I don't want to use Photorec again to find out.)

  hatrickj 18:48 06 Nov 2010

Just a thought and question,

When files are recovered from a disk, are the actually deleted ones moved into the chosen recovered files location, or merely copied to it?

If the latter ISTM that using a shredder would still leave the old deleted images on disk.

Am I stupid or right?

Because of my doubts I used wipe free space in CCleaner

  john bunyan 18:55 06 Nov 2010

In CCleaner, Options,Settings,You can opt for various secure delete options -up to 35 passes, but it would take hours I guess.

  hatrickj 20:00 06 Nov 2010

@john bunyan Blimey, to need 35 passes I'd have to have the codes to start a nuclear war. Wouldn't three be enough mostly?

  john bunyan 20:34 06 Nov 2010

Yes, of course!

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