Recovered Files

  SABRE 23:34 02 Feb 2004

Just been working on a Publisher Doc for 4 hours and the PC has crashed. Pub. is set to autosave every 10 mins. Can anyone tell me where recovered files are saved to in XP Home?

  VoG II 23:38 02 Feb 2004

If you reload the file in Publisher it should give you recovery options depending on Publisher version - which is?

  SABRE 23:40 02 Feb 2004

Pub 2002 but it isn't showing a Recovered File on re-boot.

  VoG II 23:46 02 Feb 2004

Recover files
If the Microsoft Office program you are using is not responding, recover the program.

On the Microsoft Windows Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Office Tools, and then click Microsoft Office Application Recovery.
In the Application list, click the program or document that is not responding.
Do one of the following:
To attempt to recover the files you were working on, click Recover Application or Restart Application.
If you just want to close the program, and lose recent changes to the files, click End Application.
The error that caused the problem can be reported to Microsoft for use in improving future versions of the program. Click Report problem or Don't report problem.
Open the Office program.
Review the files listed in the Document Recovery task pane, and decide which to keep.

If a file has [Recovered] in the title it is usually a file that contains more recent changes than a file with [Original] in the title.

If you want to view what repairs were made to a file, point to the file in the Document Recovery task pane, click the arrow next to the file's name, and then click Show Repairs.
If you want to review the versions that were recovered, open all of the versions and save the best one.
For each file you want to keep, point to the file in the Document Recovery task pane, click the arrow next to the file's name, and then do one of the following:
To work with the file, click Open.
To save the file, click Save As, and then enter a name for the file. By default, the file is saved in the same folder as the original file. If you use the same name as the original file, the original is overwritten. When you see a message asking whether you want to replace the existing file (with the changes you made up to the last time you saved the file), click Yes.
When you have opened or saved all of the files you want to keep, click Close in the Document Recovery task pane.

  SABRE 00:00 03 Feb 2004

The Document Recovery Task Pane does not show when I restart Publisher. Is there not a file stored somewhere?

  VoG II 00:06 03 Feb 2004

Look in the folder where your original document was.

Unfortunately this may be an unrecoverable error. This is not much help to you now but may be in the future. When I work on any document - be it Word, Excel, Publisher etc., I save every 2-3 minutes, and before making any major change.

  SABRE 00:17 03 Feb 2004

The document was stored on a USB portable 128mb key drive. I had worked on it at the office and bought it home. I have looked on the key drive (inc hidden files) and cant find a bloody thing, only the file before I started work this evening. Shall I give up?

  Clint2 01:42 03 Feb 2004

If all else fails maybe try this click here

  Audeal 01:51 03 Feb 2004

I use Publisher 98 and It saves the files every fifteen minutes, so I assume that it works the same. If you have loaded a file into publisher from your drive or any other medium the file should be over writen each time it saves. The file is actually Updated, or overwritten. So the file on your USB portable 128mb key drive should contain the updates.

  SABRE 09:43 03 Feb 2004

Sorry guys, it got a bit late last night and i was really p....d off loseing all that work.

Clint2 that link takes me to a German web-page and I Nich Sprechen Sei Duetch. I think that any record (temp file or otherwise) has either disappeared or does not exist.

Audeal, I have checked the Key Drive, hidden files an'all and there is no recovered file.

What I think I'll do is try to re-creat the problem i.e. start a Pub Document and after about 20 mins crash the PC. At least I'll know for the future if things are working.

  byfordr 09:50 03 Feb 2004

If you can muddle you way through the German, there is a english download.

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