recover my pc

  john-258918 17:39 21 Nov 2003

trying to recover my pc i get file RETTEN.EXE missing if not found start manually, how? or how can i find file

  bremner 17:45 21 Nov 2003

Is your machine from Aldi.

I ask because all references on Google are in German and relate to machines bought from Aldi

  beeuuem 17:45 21 Nov 2003

Don't know if this will give any useful information click here

  beeuuem 17:52 21 Nov 2003

From click here%

The translation leaves a little to be desired.
Further references to the re-establishment
We divided the non removable disk in such a way that the safety file is in the listing D:\Medion.
If you delete this listing and/or the file there present " RETTEN.EXE", a back safety device is possibly only possible over the provided support CD. We put the system listing "own files", which is according to standard suggested to the file file within application programs, likewise on the drive assembly D.
This gives you the advantage that a back safety device does not overwrite these data. Usually you find also a linkage on the Desktop, the further data (directory, favorite etc..) on the drive assembly secures D. Please you examine, which data need you and whether these were already copied on drive assembly D.

Execution of the re-establishment of the delivery status (of the non removable disk)
This option is to be preferred to the CD version, since it is more current usually.

1. Insert the Recovery CD and to start the PC.
2. Select the option "from CD Rome start".
3. In the re-establishment menu you select the option "computer with CD Rome
Support start ".
4. Enter after the starting procedure the following instructions and press after each line those

ENTER key.
"D:" is the drive assembly letter of the second partition:

CD medion

5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
6. The PC starts again and is now again in the condition of the distribution.

Execution of the re-establishment of the delivery status (of the support CD)
1. Please before absolutely read the upper sections.
2. Insert the support CD and to start the PC.
3. Select the option "from CD Rome start"
5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
6. The PC starts again and is again on delivery.
Which I think, means back to factory state,

  bremner 07:52 22 Nov 2003

By e mail from jj001

"no not from aldi got pc from pc world tho it is a medion which i beleive aldis

I suggest you follow beeuuem's advice as this seems to be a medion/aldi application

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