recover laptop f10

  rickilambert 19:03 13 Apr 2008

hey peeps, the laptop i am trying to repair is supposed to have the tap f10 function to restore to factory settigns, although the f10 tapping doesnt work at all, however, on closer inspection, i can see the hidden partition on the system and on booting i can boot to a dos recovery console as and when i need to, is there a way i can run the f10 programme without tapping f10? if that makes any sence please reply lol


  MAT ALAN 19:09 13 Apr 2008

try ALT+F10

  Zak 19:09 13 Apr 2008

Are you pressing F10 as soon as you switch on the PC?

What make and model laptop are you trying to reset?

  rickilambert 19:12 13 Apr 2008

the laptop i am trying to restore is a hi grage notino c5515

  rickilambert 19:13 13 Apr 2008

i meant a hi grade notino c5515

  Zak 19:28 13 Apr 2008

click here

How do I reinstall Windows when my system did not come with a Recovery CD (Windows XP systems)?
As your system starts you should see a “PRESS F10” message. Pressing F10 at this point will start the system recovery program, and should result in a “Starting system recovery” message appearing.

To completely wipe and reinstall your system click the ADVANCED OPTIONS button, and then click on the QUICK FORMAT option. Then press the NEXT button and answer YES to the next two questions.

  rickilambert 19:32 13 Apr 2008

yeh cheers for the help zak, ive already been there, the f10 doesnt appear nor does it work, i didnt no if i could run the hidden partition thru the recovery console, never mind ill have to phone them and pay £100 a second


  MCE2K5 19:44 13 Apr 2008

Hi-Grade Technical Assistance 0800 0741221

That was the last Number I used a couple of years ago.

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