Recover files from hard drive that needs formattin

  Shyamar23 01:32 05 Mar 2018

Hello, I have a 2TB external hard drive and when I plug it into my PC it says it needs formatting. I have all of my pictures on it, and I believe formatting will delete everything. I'm not sure about that though. Is there anyway I can save my files? I have a program that recovers deleted files, but I don't know if that will work once I format the hard drive. I'm not knowledgeable when it comes to tech stuff so any advice or help is greatly appreciated!

  wee eddie 01:49 05 Mar 2018

Don't Format it till you've recovered every thing you can.

In order to help we will need to know why you think that it needs reformatting. Others will have to advise on that. Not my strong point

  wiganken2 08:25 05 Mar 2018

You say you have all your pictures on it but are they just copies of what is on your computer? If so then you can safely format the external HD then re-copy the pictures back onto it afterwards. It is not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. I create backups of everything on my computer to a second internal hard drive plus an external HD. Sorry if this doesn't help you at this time but, if you manage to recover your pictures, then consider this advice for the future.

  wiganken2 18:39 05 Mar 2018

Incidentally, if you do format the external drive then do a full format by un-ticking the "Quick Format" option.

  Edgerly56 08:37 09 Mar 2018

You can try some data recovery software to recover them before or after formation. In my opinion, you'd better backup the files before formatting.

  bremner 09:27 09 Mar 2018

Try Recuva click here

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