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Recover deleted contacts outlook 2007

  Roadgiant 21:15 25 Jun 2008

We Have just accidentally deleted some contacts in Outlook 2007 and are trying to recover them.
Can someone help me by telling me how to locate where these deleted contacts are and how to recover them.
The deleted items folder only contains mail that has been deleted and not the missing contacts.
I have done a search on the net and find several mentions of a "recover deleted items" tab in the tool bar but cannot see it.
Many Thanks

  wee eddie 21:29 25 Jun 2008

They should be in the last .pst backup file unless you have overwritten it.

  wee eddie 21:31 25 Jun 2008

To avoid losing subsequent entries on the current system.

Load Outlook onto another PC and install the .pst file on it.

  Roadgiant 21:35 25 Jun 2008

Thanks for the quick reply, we don't unfortunately have a back up in place (Yes I know we should have!!) and if all else fails I have the contacts on a database I can use to re-input them.Where wold the last .pst file be located?
Thanks RG

  wee eddie 22:13 25 Jun 2008

All the information held within a copy of Outlook is stored in the form of a .pst file. If you have deleted information from within Outlook, it will no longer be on the .pst file.

I had hoped that you had a back-up available. It's easy to be wise after the event and I'm racking my brains for the "Free Program" that I use, which backs-up Outlook every week for me. Even that has it's problems because it overwrites the previous back-up, so unless I find the problem before the Back-up does its bit, I'm stuck as well.

I've just had a thought ~ Visit the M$ site and put "Back-up Outlook 2007" into the search box. Might be worth Googling that one as well.

  Roadgiant 21:58 26 Jun 2008

Definitely not in the recycle bin, fortunately have found a back-up, so problem solved thanks for the help.

  wee eddie 12:41 27 Jun 2008

The back-up will restore you to when it was made.

Anything that you have added since will likely be lost.

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