recover deleated emails ?

  jarani 20:41 30 Jul 2007

Is there a free program to recover a deleted email please ? - regards - jarani

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:15 30 Jul 2007

When you delete an email in Outlook – it really isn’t deleted; it’s only “marked” for deletion. It’s only until you “compact” your PST file that your email is permanently erased, and the empty space is reclaimed.

Outlook’s Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) can diagnose and repair errors in your PST file. If the file is not corrupt, it does some minor clean-up – but if the file IS corrupt it also reverts all objects to “not deleted.”

So we’ll first need to “corrupt” your PST file to have ScanPST reclaim your “deleted” emails. [NOTE: I'm not including detailed instructions. If you're not comfortable please ask someone to help you.]

1) Locate and backup your Outlook PST file

2) From the Command Prompt type

DEBUG C:\fullpath\OutlookFile.PST
f 107 113 20

3) Now that you’ve “corrupted” your PST file run ScanPST (usually found in C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033)

4) Once ScanPST completes, your deleted emails will be restored.

  Whaty 21:25 30 Jul 2007

Does 'System Restore' recover deleted e-mails (by virtue of the fact that it takes you back to a point before they were deleted)? Never tried it myself but I'm sure I've seen it suggested somewhere?


  jarani 22:04 30 Jul 2007

Fruit Bat - message received but not fully understood - I have nobody to turn to and 10 pm is a bit late to start experimenting - will have a go tomorrow - thank you for your advice - jarani

  mfletch 22:10 30 Jul 2007

Hi I think System restore only restores programs not personal data {files emails etc}

jarani you asked on another post if Recuva will recover emails?

I have a quick look and I can see the inbox and the deleted folder in there!

I would suggest you download the Free Recuva and try it for your self.

click here

Please let us know if it does.


  bremner 22:13 30 Jul 2007

System Restore does not recover deleted files.

It is a snapshot of the system registry to which the computer can be 'rolled back' if a problem occurs.

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