Recover data from a Laptop

  MKS 19:43 25 Jul 2004

Friend of mine has a Samsung laptop with a defective power connector. Cannot boot the laptop. She has 200 valuable photos on the hard disk. Any idea how I can recover those for her.

Thanks in advance

  jonnytub 19:46 25 Jul 2004

it really does need to be powered up before you can try anything, unless you know anybody else with the same machine

  MKS 19:49 25 Jul 2004

Can I move the hard drive to another laptop or does it have to be a Samsung?

Thanks for your quick response

  flyingpeterpan 19:50 25 Jul 2004

The quickest way will be,if you don't want to muck around with the power connector, take the HDD out, and if you have a caddy,put it in and connect it up to a laptop or desktop PC, you should retrieve all your files there ,provided the HDD was working before.

  MKS 19:52 25 Jul 2004

Sorry what is a caddy?

  flyingpeterpan 19:58 25 Jul 2004

A caddy is a tiny metal casing with all the necessary connecting devices to the HDD,usually comes with USB to connect to other PC.

  madPentium 19:58 25 Jul 2004

you will need an adapter to connect it to a desktop pc. The ide connectors are much smaller on laptop hard drives. You can purchase these on the internet and they have a power connector too.
I use mine at least once a week, they are a very
handy tool.
its a 2.5" to 3.5" ide convertor

  MKS 20:08 25 Jul 2004

Please advise a site where I can purchase a caddy or a connector. It's all looking very promising.

  flyingpeterpan 20:17 25 Jul 2004

I would recommend using the caddy,because it can protect your 2.5" Laptop hdd well,I've been using mine for sometime without any problem,you can pick one up for around £ 30 in the computer fair or may be a bit more in a PC shop such as PC World. Internet wise you can try or

  MKS 20:17 25 Jul 2004

Thank you all for your help. I have found the convertor and it's relatively cheap.

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