Recover data from bitlocker encrypted hdd

  rsturbo 07:18 01 Dec 2019

I have a hdd from my dead pc. The drive is encrypted with bitlocker, i know the password. How do i recover the data? Thanks for sny help

  x13 09:14 01 Dec 2019

Situation two here . Note the host PC needs Win 10 pro as the home version won't work.

  Brian Hamilton 11:14 01 Dec 2019

Note the host PC needs Win 10 pro as the home version won't work.

Note quite.

How to unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive on Windows 10 Home?

Although Bitlocker drive encryption feature is missing on Windows 10 Home Control Panel, but Windows 10 Home can unlock and write Bitlocker encrypted drive, M3 Bitlocker Loader for Windows also has this function.

Step 1: Right click the Bitlocker encrypted drive in My Computer (This PC) or Disk Management.

Step 2: Select Unlock from the right-click menu.

Step 3: Enter the password to unlock Bitlocker encrypted drive.

Step 7 of Click Here

  x13 11:49 01 Dec 2019

I hope it works with a Home version Brian as that would simplify matters.

  Brian Hamilton 22:10 02 Dec 2019

None needed.

  rsturbo 23:36 02 Dec 2019

Thats great thanks for info - used situation 2.

Just out of interest how about if password was lost?

  Janae Powell 08:16 11 Dec 2019

I used EFS Recovery a couple of times, once for my computer, losing bitlocker recovery key is a common problem, so there's a lot of programs helping to find it and restore the data. Here it is enter link description here, I hope it will help. Good luck!

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