RecordNowDX upgrade

  PeterPaul 12:14 28 Aug 2003

Can anyone point me to a link offering upgrades to this dvd-burning software, bundled with my Sony Vaio

The links I have found are unhelpful, and correspondence with Sony and RecordNowDX has been going nowhere.


  tbh72 12:20 28 Aug 2003

click here

Here's the link for the latest version!!

  PeterPaul 17:36 28 Aug 2003

Thanks tbh72 - I should have been more specific - the link you give is for RecordDX4.6

I need 3.7 - an upgrade from 3.0

It does not seem to be possible to navigate to this version from your link, and RecordNowDX seem unable or unwilling to send me a URL to find the relevant page.


  tbh72 02:21 29 Aug 2003

Just to let you know..... Working my way through the chinese language I have found a URL for the version 3.0 3.7 etc, but once clicked upon the pages cannot be displayed? I can only assume they are no longer offering these versions.

Can I suggest looking through magazine archives as you may be able to order a back copy with the software on the cover disc?

Sorry I couldn't help further, If I find any definite links I will post back.

  PeterPaul 11:42 29 Aug 2003

Thanks tbh72

  hugh-265156 12:28 29 Aug 2003
  PeterPaul 11:48 30 Aug 2003

Thanks to all of have helped with this. It remains unreolved.

The Veritas RecordNowDX software is bundled with Sony Multidedia computers. Its update procedure doesn't work. The Veritas site is unhelpful. There is confusion over whether the dvd/dc burning software is called RecordNowDX version 4.11 or MyCDPro - version no. 3.0x

Sony's Vaio help site offers nothing and doesn't respond to emails - Google searches offer nothing. Easy Co, the Japanese publishers of RecordNowDX have tried to help, but their 4.0x downloaded upgrades won't recognise the installed version as qualifying for an upgrade and won't install.

What a way to run a railway - Sony, you should be ashamed!

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