Recording/playback DVD's

  Yimbo 17:09 25 Aug 2010

I've just completed my first DVD photo slideshow, complete with all the transitions, audio etc. Feeling quite about it - until - went to play it on my Samsung Blu-ray disc player, and got the message "Cannot play this disc"!! It is a DVD-R disc. The player instruction book says "Can play DVD-R in V mode and finalised only" That's got me lost! I'd appreciate help with this! Thanks.

  northumbria61 17:30 25 Aug 2010

It seems you forgot to "finalise" the disc which you must do in order for it to play on your Samsung. You should be able to put the disc back in your computer and from the program that you used to create the DVD select "Continue with Multi Session" - then "Finalise"

  Yimbo 18:03 25 Aug 2010

Just burned another disc DVD-R - and it was finalised automatically - still got the same problem with playing it though! What does "V Mode" mean? This seems to be the key I'm missing?
Thanks for your input!

  eedcam 18:33 25 Aug 2010

What software did you use to create it Are you burning as a dvd video ie if you explore the disc is it in a Video _ts folder

  gengiscant 18:37 25 Aug 2010

V mode refers to standard DVD video mode.

  Yimbo 20:25 25 Aug 2010

eedcam - - I'm using "Magix Photos on CD & DVD deluxe 6", - and it's "VIDEO_TS".

gengiscant - I suppose I may not have chosen DVD video mode when recording - maybe I chose "photos".
Would that explain my problem?

I appreciate all your help - thanks!

  Yimbo 22:00 25 Aug 2010

Ooops! Just realised what I've said! OF COURSE I must have selected "video mode", if it's in "VIDEO_TS"!!

  eedcam 22:38 25 Aug 2010

OK Yimbo so its a proper video and the player should play it Curious as to why Samsung should bother mentiniong V mode ther is;nt a selection somewhere in its menu to select that.Reason I ask is thats pretty poor as my BD player will play +/- V and VR as well as data discs automatically.What model player do you have

  Woolwell 22:55 25 Aug 2010

I suspect that it is the same Samsung Blu-Ray player that I have. V mode is used on the early pages of the manual but it stands for video mode and page 12 of the manual states that some discs may not be played back depending on the disc and the condition of the recording.

Does it play in your PC?

  eedcam 09:30 26 Aug 2010

Woolwell on the model manual Ilooked at it also stated not 3.9GB unauthored which I thought strange .Any enlightenment on that reference .
Yimbo What I'm wondering is Magix always asks is it for tv or pc and perhaps you chose PC Iknow you say it shows as a video _TS but just a stab i9n the dark .If none of that its does it play on any other dvd player if so thyen it may be just Samsung dont like the brand of disc .Have you got ythe latest firmware for your BDplayer

  Yimbo 09:47 26 Aug 2010

Woolwell - Yes, it looks like the same model, and I note what the manual says re the condition of the recording. And yes, it does play on my PC.
It's recorded on a 4.7GB 120 min disc.

eedcam - I chose to record for TV and yes, it does play on a friend's player - so I suspect you're right, Samsung doesn't like the disc I used! I'm not sure re "the latest firmware". The player's only three months old.
Do you think another type of disc is worth trying - and of so, which?

Sorry about all this, but I'm just learning as I go along! Thanks once more!

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