Recording vinyl to cd

  mrbuk 18:51 29 Aug 2004

I realise that this question has probably been asked and answered before, but can anyone tell me what hardware/software I need to record my old vinyl LP's onto my PC/cd?
I have a new Sony seperate turntable that I can use for this, but it does not have an in built amplifier, does it need one?

  Magik ®© 18:55 29 Aug 2004

musicmatch jukebox is about the best software, and it is free, what do you have the deck plugged into at the moment?

  mrbuk 19:02 29 Aug 2004

I don't have it pluged into anything at the moment, that is why I wondering if i needed some particular hardware.

  Magik ®© 19:07 29 Aug 2004

i should have asked, what are you going to plug it into? mine is plugged into the amp, which in turn is plugged into the back of the PC.

or have i lost the plot? a deck on its own wont play records..

  mrbuk 19:18 29 Aug 2004

I think I'm being a bit Thick!!!!
I was playing about with this a couple of days ago, and I simply plugged the deck in to the reception socket of the sound card.
I actually got some sound out of it, although it was not very good.
I was under the impression that if I bought a capture card or something like that, and plugged the deck into it, I could capture and record my vinyl.
If I need an amp,I can move my hi-fi across to the PC and use the amp on that by running the record deck through it.
Hope you can understand what I am getting at.

  no-name 19:25 29 Aug 2004

This click here might answer your question.

  Magik ®© 19:57 29 Aug 2004

the stylus has a output of a couple of milliamps, so you need something to bring the power up,so it will be best to use the hi-fi,decent bit of cable to connect them and you are away, i got a cable from maplins, looks like the cable they laid across the atlantic :-))

  mrbuk 23:18 29 Aug 2004

OK, Thanks guys.
I'll give it a try

  david4637 15:28 30 Aug 2004

The cable must be as short as possible, otherwise you will get noise on your recordings. David

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