Recording from video onto computer

  The Potter 20:23 18 Dec 2003

I want to record some film from a video on to my computer so I can insert it in a powerpoint video. I've plugged my video into my TV tuner card on the back of the tower but how do I (or can I)get my computer to recognise it, play it and record it? Am I doing this all wrong? I've got a scart lead if this is better.

I need to have the video clips for tomorrow if it's possible so any possible help urgently required!

I'm running Win 98 2nd ed



  [email protected]@m 20:39 18 Dec 2003

Just responding to keep you up the list. This is an oft asked question, I suspect there is no easy answer doing it youself, as frame rates and sound track sync. is a problem.

If you want a good result, leave it to a specialist company, such as click here

  bta1 20:48 18 Dec 2003

i don't want to sound partonising but are you using a video capture device or just the tv card?

  The Potter 20:51 18 Dec 2003

Oh dear :( how do I tell? I've never done this before, it's just a socket on the back of my computer that accepts the same lead that I use to connect my video to my TV.

  bta1 20:55 18 Dec 2003

A video capture device is something you have to buy to be able to put video onto your pc.
I think i did exactly the same thing you have done when i wanted to put my larry sanders tapes onto my computer, but it doesn't work like that.
(Although theoretically it should.)

Its only a small lead but it connects from you video via scart into you computer via usb and it comes with the software to pck up and recognise the streams.
They cost about fourty quid with software.

Sorry though i doubt you'll get this done tonight.

  [email protected]@m 20:57 18 Dec 2003

To clarify, I assume when you say video you mean VHS, as in a TV recorder. I think if you had a video capture card, you would have installed it yourself, and it would be for a camera.

  [email protected]@m 20:59 18 Dec 2003

Please send me your Larry Sanders tapes!

  bta1 21:03 18 Dec 2003

Yes, i meant VHS. Sorry.

The ones you use for digital cameras are different because they are picking up digital streams. VHS will be (insert the opposite of digital here.....think its analogue.)

(Baring in mind though, nothing i have said is infallable. I only logged on to find a pop up stopper.)

  bta1 21:04 18 Dec 2003

Ha, ha can now go one better with my larry sanders home made dvd's.

  The Potter 21:46 18 Dec 2003

On well, I guess I'm all out of luck, but thanks anyway - I'll know for the future.

Just one question though ........

What's a TV tuner card (and socket on the back of the tower) for??????

  keenan 22:52 18 Dec 2003

For video capture this should meet your needs click here.

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