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  [DELETED] 14:13 18 Oct 2003

I wish to record from VHS to PC, edit and then transfer the video back to VHS. Please don't tell me to use DVD or CD formats - I need the output onto VHS!

I have Magix' Video DeLuxe and Magix' Movies on CD & DVD. Using either I can record from my VCR to my hard disk through a scart connector. Both video and audio recordings are fine. What I now want to do is get this video back onto the VHS tape. I have a switch on the scart cable and know this has to be changed for IN or OUT. I have also set the 'channel' setting on the VCR to the A1 position. Whatever I do, I don't get any recrding on the VHS tape.

Am I missing some software, hardware, info about CODECs (if so, how do I get this info?) or what?

Help, please.

  hugh-265156 15:15 18 Oct 2003

you may need to unplug the scart from av1 out on the back of the video and plug it into the av2 in scart(blue one) to record it back to E2 on the video,you may not see a picture untill you press record.make sure the other end is connected to the graphics card out on the computer.

  [DELETED] 15:23 18 Oct 2003

If all else fails, check your scart leads have all 21 pins connected.

  [DELETED] 22:35 18 Oct 2003

Thanks to both. I've tried most of the combinations but with no effect.

The file on the hard drive is in AVI format. I have been running this on both Video Deluxe and Media Player and then pressing 'record' on the VCR. I have tried full-screen view as well as normal. My PC has an NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200-8X graphics card. This has a monitor connection, a 9-pin VIVO video port and a DVI port. I also have a card provided with Video Deluxe with a yellow female video socket, a circular 4-pin female socket and a firewire port. The VCR has two SCART sockets, A1 (TV) and A2 (decoder). The SCART plug has an in/out switch and four connections - one red, one white (both audio), one yellow and a 4-pin circular female socket.

A Video in the VCR plays on the PC screen (Video DeLuxe) with the audio connections made and the video cable joining the yellow socket on the SCART connector and the yellow socket on the Video DeLuxe card. It will not record with these cables (the graphics card isn't involved with these connections). I have tried to use the graphics card socket but can't get the right configuration for recording.

After trying to record, I play back the test track from the VCR. There are random streaks on the screen but no sound at all.

I have tried both A1 and A2 without there being any result with either! I have remembered to switch the SCART connector from in to out, etc.

Any other ideas, please?

  [DELETED] 07:52 19 Oct 2003

Just an idea - there is no standard used in the manufacture of SCART leads; some manufacturers refer to "IN" as going into the TV while others refer to "IN" as going into the SCART lead!

Seems very confusing but, I would suggest: -

1. replace the SCART lead for one with the double set of leads (IN & OUT) - that will remove the possibility of the switch being faulty

2. try plugging first the "IN" then the "OUT" video connector into the graphics card (if you get the wrong one it won't damage the card)

3. when you connect the VCR make sure that you are running a video - I could never get the "set-up" screen to display (the b/w bars - but that was an old recorder)

Once you can get the VHS to play on screen the reverse will be simple to set up

  [DELETED] 08:05 19 Oct 2003


  johnnyrocker 09:59 19 Oct 2003

the simplest way i have found is for 9 quid buy click here enables perfect vcr recording with a little bit of tinkering, dont forget seperate audio input.



  [DELETED] 10:02 19 Oct 2003

easiest way i see it is compress the avi to mpeg record to VCD then record to VHS by plugging DVD player onto back of VCR. that should do it.

  [DELETED] 10:39 19 Oct 2003

The 4 pin circular female connecter with the leads would appear to be a S-VHS socket. The AV2 socket on your VCR in the input socket for Freeview/Satellite connection. Marked as Decoder on most twin scart VCR's. AV1 is usually output to TV.

  [DELETED] 10:44 19 Oct 2003

Sounds to me like your missing a vital stage in the process - telling the PC to output the signal to your VCR. Unlike plugging in the monitor, you don't unfortunately get an instant picture. Instead, you have to physcially enable the video out signal. To do this, check out the latter section of my guide click here. This uses the excellent TVtool.

  [DELETED] 12:09 19 Oct 2003

Thanks again to all. I've checked the SCART connector and tried switching in and out for both modes. All is OK and 'in' seems to mean 'in' and 'out' 'out'.

Cantillion - I am trying to record to the VHS on a VCR I can bring to my computer in another part of the house so I do not want a TV picture. I am checking by playing back into Video Deluxe by going to 'record' in that program, so I get a good clear image on the program screen. This seems to work OK as a way of monitoring success or otherwise of my recording to VHS. At least, other video input on the tape is viewable very easily. So, do I need TVTool? Perhaps ZoomPlayer might be what I need? Or perhaps I misunderstand the use of TVTool here? I don't see at what point I need to run this program or what instructions I can give it to enable PC out to VCR. Can you help me, please?

I have a suspicion you may be right about not telling the PC that I want to record. I have been using the 'record' button on the VCR only, hoping to pick up the video running on he small screen on the Video Deluxe or Media Player screen.

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