Recording from USB webcam?

  bumpkin 17:27 22 Mar 2012

Hi everyone, for about 8 years I have been using a simple webcam to monitor my front door. The camera is in a brick porch so not subject to adverse weather. All I have to do is click to view the caller. It works brilliantly in daylight and reasonably in artificial. I was amazed that it ever worked at all in the first place as it is 8mtrs from the PC and only cost a fiver.I did use the right cable though.

I just want to know if there is a means for me to record the input.



  rdave13 17:44 22 Mar 2012

VLC media player perhaps,

  bumpkin 16:34 23 Mar 2012

Thanks rdave13 that is the sort of thing I need. I have downloaded it and run it. Following the instructions on your link seemed easy but I get everything apart from the red record button. Any suggestions please.


  rdave13 17:00 23 Mar 2012

I don't use VLC but here's another guide that shows how to record using the start/play button.

  bumpkin 19:47 23 Mar 2012

Hi, thanks again, went to the link but where is the play button?


  rdave13 20:16 23 Mar 2012

Make sure you create a 'destination' folder otherwise it won't be able to 'convert' to.

So the next thing to do is click the OK button when you are done and go back to the Open Media dialog, there you'll unfold the Play button and select the Convert option.

This will open the Convert dialog where you can select the Destination file, click on the Browse button to select video file location, name and format.

For this example I chose the .mp4 format. Once you are ready just click Save and back in the Convert dialog you can also make son fine adjustments to this aspect by clicking on the Profile button. Click Star when you want to start recording. To end it click on the Stop button.

Remember you've already selected your webcam in the previous steps. That's how I understand it. Hopefully someone using VLC will step in and advise further.

  bumpkin 22:05 23 Mar 2012

Hi again, sorry to be so thick. "create a destination folder or it wont convert" I don`t understand this, can you clarify please.


  rdave13 22:27 23 Mar 2012

You can create a new folder, on your Desktop or any other location, by right clicking a blank space, selecting 'new' in the context menu, and select Folder. This will create a new folder wherever you choose to create it. Once created, you can right click the New Folder and rename it to what you wish, and under 'properties' change what it will be optimized for and the icon. Have a play around, first, so you can see what you can do with a newly created folder. I usually use the 'general' type of folder but you might want to do thing differently. This can be your destination folder when you click on browse for the destination of your 'recorded' webcam streaming.

  bumpkin 22:59 23 Mar 2012

OK thanks, that was easy, new folder called "door camera" on desktop. What next?


  rdave13 23:20 23 Mar 2012

My last link should be a walk through about how to do it now you can link to a destination folder. Can't help further but surprised at lack of response from other forum members whom have extolled the virtues of VLC and not bothered to help. Apologies for that.

Good luck.

  bumpkin 16:47 24 Mar 2012

Thanks Dave, all working fine now.


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