Recording from TV to DVD's

  Wendy 16:16 19 Feb 2012

I would like to record from TV onto a DVD burner. My small TV has a USB socket as well as HDMI

I think probably it would be impossible to do this directly because it might not be in the right format or something??

Could I record onto a (large capacity) memory stick, then do something with it on the PC (which has a DVD burner).

I am using Win XP Pro but plan to upgrade to Win 7 Pro shortly.

I have Roxio DVD plus.

Does anyone have any experience of this sort of thing?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 19 Feb 2012

Not sure what format the files will be in when recorded from the TV, Most PVRs use .ts files.

I have taken files from a PVR and converted them to MPG4 to burn to DVD (keeps 1 year old grandson quiet for about 5 mins befor he wants to change DVDs)

  Wendy 14:17 23 Feb 2012

Thanks I think I will have to try and record onto the DVD (I'm not even sure I can do that yet) and then input it to the PC and convert it to something that will play normally.

I'm probably being a bit thick here.

The recorder we normally use to record programmes has no means (that I can see) of connecting to a dvd to burn onto disc, although the manual mentions this. The only sockets are scart, arial, and sound thing. The dvd drive just has a usb connection.

The little TV I use upstairs has a usb socket so I thought maybe I could connect the dvd burner to it and record onto discs.

Does anyone know if I could do this, even before I start worrying about converting them!

  john bunyan 15:04 23 Feb 2012

Wendy. If you upgrade to W7 Pro and buy a TV Tuner for your PC (if a laptop a USB one is about £40) you could set up Media Centre Edition. I use this as an additional DVD recorder to my stand alone one (which is far quicker and easier!). I have learnt how to record TV on my PC , edit out the ads, and burn to DVD. See my thread below. I have Roxio Creator 10 but found the other free programmes better.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:28 23 Feb 2012

The little TV I use upstairs has a usb socket so I thought maybe I could connect the dvd burner to it and record onto discs.

You will not be able to connect the DVD burner directly to the USb socket on the TV and burn to it.

You could record direct to a USB stick and when the program has fished put the USB stick into the PC convert the file and burn to DVD.

Make and Model of TV?

  Wendy 20:46 24 Feb 2012

Hi Fruit Bat, Thanks for your replies.

Actually I have solved the problem in a different way. I have got a Pinnacle PCTV mini tuner, recorded a program on the PC, and then burned it to a DVD. I had to update the software for the tuner first, which took about an hour and a half (I have only about 1mbs broadband.

Then I tried the DVD in the small TV (Curry's own brand) and it works fine!

Thanks ever so much anyway Wendy

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