Recording TV

  Paulo1992 13:22 27 Jul 2008

Hi Guys

I'm curious about how i could recored tv onto my computer

I would like to buy a tv recorer where i could record the tv onto that and then copy the recorded programmes onto an external hdd that i would then connect to my computer.

Is it possible to connect an ex hdd to a tv recorder.


P.S. Would anyone recommend a reliable and fairly decent tv recorder ?

  Graham. 14:10 27 Jul 2008

You want a recorder with hard drive and DVD. Then you can record to the hard drive, edit, and save to DVD. Plenty around.

  Paulo1992 14:23 27 Jul 2008

What u mean that i can edit it while its on the hard drive of the tv recorder

And can i not svae it on to an e xternal hard drive rather than a dvd ?


  pj123 15:55 27 Jul 2008

I have a standalone DVD recorder with a 160gb hard drive and DVD and VHS.

I record from TV on to the hard drive and then transfer to a DVD Rewrite disc and then transfer to my PC hard drive or my external hard drive. Rewrite discs are not very stable which is why I always record on the hard disc first. If a rewrite fails I can always try again.

I then edit it using various programs and then burn it as a finished article to DVD. This can then be played back on any DVD player.

Why do you want it on a hard drive rather than a DVD?

  Graham. 16:00 27 Jul 2008

Yes, and maybe. Far easier to save to a re-recordable DVD then copy to wherever you want.

Bear in mind you will have to finalise a DVD before it will play on another stand-alone player.

I have one of these (how quickly things become obsolete) click here but you'll get the idea.

  DippyGirl 17:59 27 Jul 2008

I use a Humax PVR9200T to record/time-shift. Drop stuff I want to keep to a laptop (transfer is slow and if 1hour+ prone to failure, so chop into bits on the Humax) I then use TStoDVD (fronts ProjectX) to convert the .ts files before burning to DVD (DeepBurner)

  eedcam 18:43 27 Jul 2008

Why not fit a TV card to the pc then just record to the pc hard drive

  pj123 12:29 28 Jul 2008

My 17" monitor is also an HD Ready TV with built-in Freeview.

I have yet to find a way of recording TV programmes direct to my hard disc which is why I use my Standalone recorder.

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