Recording streaming video to file

  thewasp 17:00 24 Mar 2009

I want to save streaming video to file, (eg flash player) to watch offline or put onto dvd.

Any freeware that will do the job? Thx

  MAJ 18:29 24 Mar 2009

Use Firefox click here and the Downloadhelper extension. click here

  thewasp 14:40 25 Mar 2009

Thanks, although this doesn't work with the video I'm streaming; Is there something that can capture what appears on the screen in realtime?

  Stuartli 14:44 25 Mar 2009

Do you mean YouTube or Google videos?

If so, I use Save2PC, which is very straightforward. Just create a folder to save your videos to and point to the folder when downloading. See:

click here

The videos are stored in alphabetical order.

  thewasp 14:46 25 Mar 2009

No, the firefox downloadhelper works fine with those. I want to copy a tv program from demand five tv.

  ACOLYTE 16:27 25 Mar 2009

Not sure you can it uses DRM protection so i think you can only watch them online unless you buy the licence,not 100% sure because i have never tried,i just watch them online.

  thewasp 18:40 27 Mar 2009

Capturewizpro does a very good job but uses a LOT of drive space with video; at 10fps around 300mb a minute.

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