Recording Sky without Sky+

  madun 08:03 27 Mar 2008

Hi All

I have a standard Sky box, no subscription (just an expired card) used to view the freebie basics. I used to record from this using a VCR - then the VCR broke! Time to move on, should be easy enough (I thought). But after some searching, I still can't find a hard and fast answer to the following ...

What can I use to do the same job as the VCR?? I don't watch enough TV (or want to) to justify a subscription to Sky+. Also, due to a HUGE tree at the bottom of our garden in direct firing line of our nearest transmitter, Freeview is out and so is any other aerial received signal. So whatever I use has to be able to pal up with the Sky Box.
I need a hard drive something or other that I can scart up to my Sky box so I don't have to prop my eyes open to watch the end of a good film that ends 3 hours past bed time.

There seem to be a few PVR / freeview combos out there for a reasonable price and a decent capacity (like the Thompson 160gb at £99 from Argos). Problem is, if it is geared for freeview, will it record from my Sky box? (Argos 'exclude' PVRs from their 30 day try-it-and-see for some reason). If the Thompson combo type isn't a goer, are there any decent 'standard' PVRs out there with the same capacity at around the same price anyone can recommend?

I don't need anything flashy - just a reliable, user friendly, no ‘glitches’ decent capacity (and price) step up from my VCR. Something I can set a timer to record while I am out or asleep. Oh, and to be able to record from a standard Sky box (if I haven't already mentioned it).


  lofty29 08:27 27 Mar 2008

Hi A dvd recorder with hard drive will do the job from about £70

  FatboySlim71 08:29 27 Mar 2008

I'm not sure if you can use a Sky+ box without a subscription, but the place below sells Sky+ boxes. I purchased a Sky digi box from them last year and I know they are fairly knowledgable, so it maybe worth asking them your question and also ask them if you would be able to purchase a Sky + box and use it without the subscription, as I think that it would be your only solution, as you are not able to get Freeview.

click here

click here

  hssutton 08:46 27 Mar 2008

Yes that's the way to go. I use the "standard" sky box + DVD recorder with hard drive.
Have a look here for recorders click here

  anchor 10:55 27 Mar 2008

Providing the recorder has a "AV-In" socket you will be able to record programmes from your Sky digibox. I frequently do this with my Panasonic.

Unfortunately, not all of them do have AV-IN. Check carefully before you buy.

  lofty29 13:54 27 Mar 2008

they all have scart sockets, which will give you av in

  anchor 16:54 27 Mar 2008

lofty29: I am afraid you are incorrect, they do not all have AV-In.

There was a PCA thread some time ago about HDD pvr`s and the model in question did not have AV-In, only AV-Out. I cannot recall the make, but I downloaded the manual, to confirm this.

So, I repeat my advice to madun; Check before you buy.

  skidzy 17:17 27 Mar 2008

Just a simple harddrive recorder will do the job,such as click here
no more tapes or cds etc.

  DieSse 18:08 27 Mar 2008

"I'm not sure if you can use a Sky+ box without a subscription"

You can use it only as a "standard" receiver - the recording function doesn0t work without a subscription.

  DieSse 18:10 27 Mar 2008

"I am afraid you are incorrect, they do not all have AV-In"

That sounds unlikely - a hard drive box without an input? - what would you be able to record without an input signal?

  DieSse 18:13 27 Mar 2008

"I am afraid you are incorrect, they do not all have AV-In"

I think you may be referring to boxes for terrestrial digital with a hard drive built in.

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