Recording from Sky box to HDD/DVD

  Redstar69 23:45 30 Jul 2008

Hi, I have just bought a cheap Acoustic Solutions HDD/DVD recorder in order to record Sky programs rather than using the old VCR.

I have wired the recorder up as instructed - Scart from Sky to TV
Scart from Sky to Recorder
Scart from recorder to TV
The aerial is wired to Sky and then into the recorder and into the TV.

I can record the terrestrial channels OK with the recorder however with Sky I only get the audio without video.

When I select the correct AV input on the recorder it will only pick up audio.

The TV is a Sony Trinitron. The Sky is a standard Amstrad model.

Is there something basic I am doing wrong?


  Giggle n' Bits 00:11 31 Jul 2008

you only have Analogue and need Digital card in computer.

  Zaphod 3 00:25 31 Jul 2008

One thing you could do is subscribe to Sky+ and copy from there. I have done this at home.

  BRYNIT 08:32 31 Jul 2008

Check the scart lead has been seated correctly.

Remove and reseat lead at sky box and HDD/DVD, if this does not work try another scart lead.

  Redstar69 09:18 31 Jul 2008

Originally there was a VCR in the setup but this developed the same problem (recording only audio from Sky and not video). I changed the VCR for the HDD/DVD as I thought maybe the fault was due to the VCR coming to the end of its days.

When the fault was the same on the HDD/DVD I went through what I thought were the possible errors - tried a different Sky box, changed all the RF and scart cables - but no luck.

Is it possible that the fault is with the TV - A bent scart pin etc? Or is it possible that the HDD/DVD isn't suitable for recording Sky? For information the HDD/DVD is - Acoustic Solutions DVD80RW300 DVD Recorder with 80GB HDD.

Any help would be appreciated.


  dms_05 09:20 31 Jul 2008

Agree it looks as if the SCART is the problem. Swap the leads round. But also check in the Sky set up that SCART control is 'on' and set to RGB.

  dms_05 09:28 31 Jul 2008

Did you try playing back the VHS and/or DVD on another machine to see if the problem was the input or the output? If they don't play elsewhere then it looks as if it's the input to the recorder, if they do play elsewhere then the problem is likely to be the output from the recorder (or the input to the TV as you've changed recorder). The DVD recorder should be OK with the Sky box, I've recorded from Sky to many recorders (VHS, DVD, HDD).

The simplest solution would have been to take Sky up on it's free Sky+ box and got an integrated receiver / recorder!

  Redstar69 10:00 31 Jul 2008

Thanks for the quick responses. The HDD/DVD will record terrestrial channels OK and will play back those recordings and DVDs as normal (through AV2). It is when trying to record the Sky image that the problem occurs. As in your response dms_05, there should be no problem recording the signal. The fact I can get audio but no video makes me think that it's a scart problem. I have swapped the scart leads for new ones and the problem persists so I don't think it's that.

The Sky box was replaced as faulty a few weeks ago by a Sky technician and since then recording hasn't worked. I bought another cheap Sky box off Ebay to see if that was the problem but the same issue occured. The more I think about it the more I think the installer may have bent a scart pin on the TV when reinstalling Sky or possibly the TV (which is quite old) is reaching the end of its days.

I agree on the Sky+ front - that's what I have. The "problem" system is at my parent's house and I can't convince them them Sky+ is the better option. (They've only just stopped using VCR!).

I suppose the next thing to do is to try the setup on a different TV to test that.

Any other guidance would be great and thanks for the help so far.


  BRYNIT 10:23 31 Jul 2008

To eliminate the Sky box connect the Video out from the Sky box and connect to the TV. If you have no problems viewing the picture the problem is not with the box or the cable.

  BRYNIT 10:24 31 Jul 2008

Should have said connect the Scart Video out direct to the Tv.

  dms_05 10:27 31 Jul 2008

Agree, try a different TV. My parents had an old but still excellent Sony (15+ years) and that exhibited exactly the problems you describe. The fault was the SCART socket on the TV - it had some dry solder joints and the solution was to place a wedge besides the SCART plug so it pushed it far enough to make contact. Not elegant but served an 85 year old! The same TV is now used by my granson for his games console and works fine with the same wedge! Now 20+ years and counting! Been used by 4 generations of the same family! So don't give up!

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