Recording On-Screen movements

  powerless 07:09 31 May 2003


I'm looking for a program that will allow me to record on screen mouse movements and then be able to play back this recording in Windows Media Player.

The recording will be no longer than 10 seconds and sound will not be needed to be recorded, just the video.

Ideally the file size will be no more than 3MB and the file will have the extension *.Avi.

I have tried "CamStudio" very easy to use but the file sizes are just to big.

Anyone recommend such a program?

  zoobie 07:50 31 May 2003

3mb for 10 seconds? Huh? I'd either compress it if possible or just use a flash animation....few kb' worries

  powerless 10:33 31 May 2003

..and you do that by?

  powerless 12:21 31 May 2003

"I have tried "CamStudio" very easy to use but the file sizes are just to big."

Late night was it jazzypop?


  powerless 21:57 31 May 2003

Thanks - I tried VRtainment CapturePad and it works perfectly.

Save to AVI (i used this), SWF and JPG. Easy to use and the file sizes are now under 3MB.

click here

Thanks again!

  powerless 21:59 31 May 2003


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