Recording radio show onto Hard drive

  Johny C 00:31 17 Aug 2004

Hi Everyone

i listen to click here and i am trying to record a show which is on at 4am, so if a peice of software has the added extra of recording at set times then this would be fantastic.

Does anyone use or know of any software that will let me record the show, and even set up a time to record.

Thanks in advance........... John

  Chegs ® 02:45 17 Aug 2004

JetAudio player can be used to record "what you hear" Selecting this option in JetAudio means you can use any other mediaplayer to listen to the station,and record it as a .WAV file.The main problem with this is the filesize,a few minutes of WAV can be 30+Mbs so you need a large HDD. click here

It can also be set to operate at timed intervals(not sure if it can have start/stop times though)

click here

  Johny C 03:43 17 Aug 2004

Hi Cheggs

The program looks pretty good, thanks for the link.

I have installed the program. I am listening to my radio station through my headphones, i have pressed record, ticked what u hear clicked start, and all looks fine, when i play back the file its blank. havent got a clue what to do next.

Any suggestions

Thanks .................. John

  Chegs ® 03:55 17 Aug 2004

I haven't had much experience of recording audio,I spent a few mins setting it up,ticked various boxes and hit record,and on my PC(with SoundBlaster card)I was able to record "exactly what it says on the tin" eg,the sound fed out to my stereo was recorded onto hdd(including the pops/crackles from light switches,etc)when I checked the .WAV file. :-)

  Johny C 04:09 17 Aug 2004

Right i unplugged my haeadset and turned my speakers hit record and it recorded the radio. Unbeleivable lol oh well we live and learn

Cheers Chegs thanks.............John

Does anyone else know of any software that i can set up a start time to record a favourite radio show

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