Recording music on Audio Cassetts to my Hard Disc

  Fayed 14:51 19 Mar 2005

I wish to transfer music from my Audio Cassett player to my PC`s hard disc .
Sonic is already loaded and I have just downloaded from the Web the free version of Music Match but unfortunately the facility to do this is only available if I purchase the upgraded version called Jukebox plus.
Does anyone know of any FREE downloads that will enable me to do this ?
My PC to Cassette connection is OK insofar as I can listen to the music on the cassette through the speakers on my PC

  dogbreath1 15:00 19 Mar 2005
  roisin dubh 15:02 19 Mar 2005

I would recommend googling for what you need and see if anyone is offering a time limited trial offer. What you actually need is a wav recorder and then a wav converter. The wav recorder is what will actually record the music on your hard drive as analogue audio is wav format. I believe something like gold wave poss records wav format. However to find a completely free wav recorder would be hard to do as it is such a useful piece of kit that ppl want to make money from it, hence why I said try for trial offers. I would recommend alos a wav converter to convert wav to mp3 as wav uses about 10 mb a minute and mp3 about 1 mb per min, so wav would chew thru hard drive space. Something like easy audio file converter should do the trick. Finally an mp3 splitter because unless you've recorded all the tracks separately you will be left with all the tracks being recognized as one track. An mp3 splitter will allow you to break into individual tracks once you've converted the wav to mp3, 'mp3 mate' offers I think a 10 day free trial

  pj123 17:42 19 Mar 2005

You could also check these previous threads out.

click here

  webbeez 18:21 19 Mar 2005

A good and quite easy programme to use is "Audacity" ( Also free ).

  pj123 11:48 20 Mar 2005

JetAudio is free and can be downloaded from click here

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Basic Download.

  Julemand 20:13 20 Mar 2005

Use Audiograbber great little program. I have just recorde my first three cassetttes ever and it was childsplay. Freeware and you can also rip from CD to Mp3. Open audiograbber File/line in sampling and off you go. It is best to split tracks manually.

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