Recording from Internet

  wetterfugal? 12:23 03 Aug 2003

Can anyone tell me how to record the BBC 7 sound from the BBC website?

  pj123 12:43 03 Aug 2003

Go here and get yourself LP Recorder and LP Ripper. I use them all the time. click here

  jazzypop 12:44 03 Aug 2003

Use the Jet Audio program, set to Record.

click here

Note that this will probably break various terms / conditions / copyrights

  canard 13:54 03 Aug 2003

click here Haven't tried this but it looks as if it might be what you want.

  Steven135 14:23 03 Aug 2003

I asked this same question about a year ago advice from this site was Total Recorder fro High Criteria. Splendid.

click here

Since digital radio and especially BBC 7 I got the Modular Tech DAB PCI card (£99 from PC World) if you are in a good reception area and like radio and have a birthday coming up then treat yourself you won't regret it (scheduled recording built in.

Alternately if you are running XP then the new Media Plus Pack has a recorder and lots more for £10 ish from Amazon.

  wetterfugal? 17:13 07 Aug 2003

Sorry for the delay but I needed time to access the help.

The only one that I could definitely say would record from the internet was TotalRecorder tanks to Steven135. The others may or may not; I would have to download and install to be sure.

TotalRecorder is crippled with a 60 sec trial recording after that it is about £20 to buy. I found it very noisy and not acceptable.

I have found a free program, Fx Audio Tools which does what I want with excellent quality and about a half Meg down load.

Thank for all your trouble, Regards,

Vic A.

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