Recording hum

  brindly 07:51 04 Jun 2011

I have a program called Sonicstage Mastering Studio wher I can record into through inline from tape decks and the like I can also record from a mic, recently however there is a hum on the recording and the sound is not very good. I have another program which does similar recordings and that does the same. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the hum please. I am running Windows XP, I know old but I like it and this program never used to have this hum.

  mooly 08:43 04 Jun 2011

The hum is almost certainly caused by the method of connecting the ausio equipment to your PC. Its nothing software related or down to the operating system.

As a generalisation all leads must be screened. Its also possible you have what is termed a "ground loop".

Do you get this hum if you use a battery powered device as an audio source component ?

  eedcam 10:31 04 Jun 2011

Are you getting this from both line in and Microphone

  woodchip 18:00 04 Jun 2011

It can also be cheap Hardware, motors and transformers microphones etc bad Earth

  Ian in Northampton 19:32 04 Jun 2011

Like everyone seems to have said - normally, this is a ground/earth loop. When I was ripping LPs (anyone out there old enough to remember LPs?) to .mp3, I had that problem with my record deck. In the end, I fixed it by buying a USB turntable - an expensive fix, but it was much more convenient.

  john bunyan 19:44 04 Jun 2011

In the old days you were advised to ensure only one earth connection should be made to amplifiers etc. Not sure if this is possible with the built in cables these days.

  wiz-king 20:00 04 Jun 2011

If you have a laptop it will not have an earth connection and your other equipment may not either, you could try earthing your tape-deck or computer but not both.

  octal 21:46 04 Jun 2011

You need one of these, it's an earth loop eliminator. All it is, is a 1:1 transformer, I used to make them back in the days when you couldn't buy them commercially, it is a standard trick audio engineers use, much safer than starting to lift the safety earth on electrical equipment which is quite a dangerous practice, many a good artist has been electrocuted because their guitar was not earthed ;)

  brindly 09:47 05 Jun 2011

Thanks everyone for your advice. Strange though it never used to do this. It only happens when I try to use a mic, probably like me; getting old. Funnily enough it also happens with my cctv audio,i get a similar hum on the recordings.Not sure how i would connect the Ground Loop Isolator octal, the mic just pushes in to a jack socket which in turn is one of the options in the software, the other is line in. I have ausb record deck and that works fine, so back to the drawing board

  eedcam 10:18 05 Jun 2011

You could get an exteral sound card for a fiver or less on amazon no bigger than a memeory stick, that would make your mic usb that might help .Also check all your settings as there are TWO mic selections in windows and you only need the one on the mixer to be selected check if the other one is muted or not mines is best muted

  brindly 17:10 05 Jun 2011

Thanks eedcam, checking the mute fixed the problem, don't understand how it got turned off but there you go. Thanks again, i will be able to sleep tonight now.

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