Recording and hearingfrom a microphone

  bumpkin 17:19 25 Sep 2014

Hi all, I am trying to record from a microphone using XP on an old Sony desktop. The mike seems to be working OK but I can only record for 60secs using the sound recorder in accessories. I can not find a setting to alter this.The mike is by my front door and I would also like to hear directly from it in order to speak to callers. Any help please.

  Woolwell 18:25 25 Sep 2014

1 minute is the default time for the sound recorder. See Increase recording time by tweaking the registry. A better option may be to use something like Audacity to record the mic.

  bumpkin 18:52 25 Sep 2014

Thanks for the info. 1min by default is daft anyway. Will have a look at Audacity.

  bumpkin 14:08 26 Sep 2014

Woolwell, installed Audacity today, excellent bit of freeware, does exactly what I want. Many thanks.

  Woolwell 17:38 26 Sep 2014

I like Audacity. Glad that it is working.

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