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recording guitar via mic onto pc issue

  sleepy03 13:20 17 May 2012

Hi all. I wish to record from my guitar amplifier (tube amp) into my pc and after some research bought a Behringer C-1u mic which has a USB on it. I was under the impression by plugging this into the pc and using audacity to record I could get a decent sound. But im having some problems. IT is recording (sort of) but the sound is quiet, fizzy and speeded up. Now im sure its some settings maybe on audacity but having spent numerous hours trying I cant find out how to do this properly, google search gives me plenty of informatino on how to et the mic up but not a smple tutorial on how to acheive this. My PC recognises the mic and has it listed under devices. Im hoping someone here has some experience and can best advise me. Thx

  rickf 16:36 17 May 2012

You'll never get a good sound this way. Get proper software for it or get something like guitar rig sessions or something like it.

  rickf 16:42 17 May 2012

Here you are:

Have a look.

  eedcam 19:04 17 May 2012

Did you not get software with the mike anyway what are you setting Audacity at ie you have selected the Mic in preferences and most of the half decent mics are mono try setting audacity to that . Not forgetting the mic will have its own Input level control accessed via

  rickf 20:02 17 May 2012

or a basic line 6 pod would do

  sleepy03 22:49 17 May 2012

hi all, thanks for the replies. I really dont wish to spend more money on this as all i wish to do is simply record a guitar so im not looking for studio quality just decent quality. At the moment the hissing/buzzing is loud and the sound is inaudible. I also dont understand why it would be speeded up on playback. I do have the mic set for inputand mono so its recognised, i thought this would be as easy as pressing record and stopping when done. Infact the audacity software come with the mic so its not a compatibility issue. I tried a pod previously and yes it does speak great to the pc but the problem is i find digital modellers awful regarding the tone of the instrument, very thin generic sounding whereas a guitar (analog) has a very rich thick sound played through a tube amp hence why i wish to record with the mic. I'll try over the weekend im sure there's settings i neeed to find to make it work but im a loss to what right now. thx again

  rickf 00:12 18 May 2012

The alternative is through a pa system. does not have to an expensive set up. this way you can have the full depth of the tube amp.

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