Recording Freeview programmes on a PVR

  Pineman100 09:54 06 May 2009

My daughter is thinking of buying a Freeview box with a PVR hard disk recorder.

In order to watch one programme while recording a different one, will she need to have two TV aerials and two cables to the Freeview box?

Assuming she only needs one aerial, does it have to be a special type?

Thanks for any advice.

  babybell 09:59 06 May 2009

I have a DVR and it was £50 from Asda with 160gb of hard disk space. You simply plug your normal TV aerial in the back. You can record one programe and watch another, or if your going out for the day you can record two at once. The only thing you cant do is record two programes and watch a 3rd channel.

  justme 10:00 06 May 2009

Only one aerial input is required. This goes into the freeview box but she will require another lead from the freeview box to the television.

Most of these boxes can record two programmes at once and she could even be watching 'normal' (ie BBC ITV etc) at the same time.

The aerial does not have to particularly special but it would be advisable to check the reception in her area before buying the box. Ask the neighbours if they can receive freeview ok.

  jack 10:39 06 May 2009

Instead of purchasing a digibox and PVR- simply purchase a digital PVR { PVR is a DVD player and digital[FreeView] recorder with hard drive.]
A measure of research will have to be undertaken to discover what all the features are,
A generalization is that models with one tuner - will record only the program that is on screen
Models with two tuners will allow record one watch another
In allcases they will allow record and watch same program [start a recording, a 2 hour program at say 8pm turn on and start watching the already recorded portion whilst the rest is completing.
Once set up a DVD can be played and record at the same time.
The TV meanwhile has its own tuner so that it will act independently to the recorder and vice versa.
A single earial that is already in use- will go first to recorder then to any other device[VCR?] then TV.

FreeView in your area?click here

  jack 10:41 06 May 2009

Add a digibox to the TV/PVER set up then you can watch digital output whilst the PVEr does its own thing- but you will need a switching SCART box.

  Pineman100 11:04 06 May 2009

babybell - sounds exactly what my daughter wants. I'm amazed yours was so cheap! I'll tell her.

justme - when you say "normal" BBC/ITV, I presume you mean an analogue transmission?

jack - the addition of a DVD recorder is an interesting option. When you talk about the TV's own tuner, my daughter's TV is analogue, so presumably she could watch an analogue transmission while recording two digital ones (assuming her PVR has two tuners)?

  Stuartli 11:13 06 May 2009

A Freeview PVR (Personal Video Recorder with hard drive) will record one or two programmes depending on the number of tuners.

Providing the TV aerial feed is via the PVR, the TV can be used to watch any other programme if it is an integrated model.

The Humax 9200T Freeview PVR, for example, can be used to record two programmes simultaneously or record one and watch an earlier recording at the same time or pause live TV.

Such features, however, are nothing new. I have Showshifter for my Twinhan Freeview PCI D+A TV card and the software allows for a remarkable level of recording facilities onto the system's hard drive...:-)

I bought the TV card in 2003...

  Pineman100 13:34 06 May 2009

I presume "integrated model" means a Freeview box with tuner(s) and PVR all built-in?

I'm sure I'm very late coming to this technology - but then that's nothing new for me!

  Stuartli 14:17 06 May 2009

No, it means a TV with a Freeview tuner built in (the vast majority are now of this type); it will normally also have an analogue tuner to enable viewing whilst available of such TV transmissions, plus VCR recordings playback.

Some Panasonic (and in the near future LG) models come with "integrated" analogue, Freeview and Freesat tuners.

Initially you could buy large screen TVs with or without HD Ready specifications etc but they only had an analogue tuner.

  Pineman100 14:23 06 May 2009

Thanks again to everyone for your advice. I think I now have the necessary information to talk over with my daughter what she should be buying.

Much obliged.

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