Recording from floppy to CDs

  chas 18:01 29 Sep 2003

I have a recording on floppy and I want to transfer it to a CD. Easy CD Recorder will not recoginse the files. They originate from a Yamaha piano.
Any ideas??

  ukwhisper 18:20 29 Sep 2003

try coping it not using easy cd recorder, just copy the file from the floppy to a folder on your hard drive then open the folder and right click on the file and point to send to /cd, that should copy it to cd but i dont know if a cd player will play it or not but give it a go

  Pidder 18:26 29 Sep 2003

Presume you have a CD audio writer, perhaps with Nero. I would open a new file - say, call it "Recording", save the floppy recording to it and then use Nero to burn onto CD - not a R/W though.

  krypt1c 18:37 29 Sep 2003

What format is the file on the floppy ?

  chas 10:24 30 Sep 2003

Recording format is mid, what ever that is. I have saved it to the hard disk and burnt a disk as data which will play with Real but not on standard Hi Fi.
Thanks for your interest

  QuickHare 10:42 30 Sep 2003

I see the problem.

What you have is a MIDI file (.MID). This type of file is the computer equivilent to storing sheet music on your computer. It plays in most music programs, but is not able to be recorded to CD in it's current state.

MP3 and WAV files are different. They store the sound as-is. That is, they store waveforms and actually store the sound as much larger files.

The latter is the type of file needed for a CD as CDs play the files from waveforms recorded on the CD. This is why you can't record the MIDI file directly to a CD. What you need to do is convert it to a WAV or MP3 file and then record it to the CD.

Hope this makes sense.


  Peverelli 11:12 30 Sep 2003

A midi file is a list of instructions to be sent to a midi player (eg. music keyboard or a PC equipped with one) which tells the players which notes to play, how long to play them etc. Most modern PCs have a midi player installed, so saving the file to your hard disk and then double clicking it will enable you to hear it. The easiest way to change it into a wave file is to record from the PC (using the line out socket) to tape or minidisc and then record it back to the PC (using the line in socket). Some advice on how to record to your PC is here: click here

As already suggested, copy the file to your HD.

Rather than record out of your PC, then back in again, (which will degrade the music), record direct to the HD by using Total Recorder click here
or if you have a Sound Blaster card fitted, select 'What U Hear' from the mixer settings.

This will get you a .wav file which you can then burn to CD.

  chas 16:42 30 Sep 2003

Very many thanks, all clear now.

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