Recording to DVD with TV in standby mode

  RD9 15:45 01 May 2008

I have a digital TV and have just bought a DVD / VHS combi recorder. Is there a way of recording with the TV in standby mode or do I have to leave the TV on? Can't find instructions for this in the manual.

  johnnyrocker 15:47 01 May 2008

recording has never been done from tv it is only used for playback.


  eedcam 18:26 01 May 2008

Not always so JohnnyR you can record via the tv tuner and if the dvd recorder does not have a digital tuner would be the only way to do it.Rd9 are you saying your recorder has no digital tuner if so then I believe some tv's got round the having to be on method but you' would need to find it in the manual

  johnnyrocker 18:30 01 May 2008

how is one supposed to do that then connection wise?


  RD9 18:47 01 May 2008

Johnnyrocker - sounds obvious now I think about it - if the receiver isn't on (i.e. the tv) then it can't receive signals.

eedcam - will reread my dvd manual re digital tuner - have got a bit bogged down with the jargon so far - am not really experienced recording to dvd yet.

  eedcam 18:57 01 May 2008

you use whichever Scart outputs audio and can even pass through from one play back device to another that way depending on your tv. Mines will do that on 2out of 3 scarts with aone only outputing monitor ie whats on screeen and the other selectable

  hssutton 19:01 01 May 2008

As eedcam says, my old Sony could record this way and I know some of the newer LGs with built in hard drives and Freeview also allow this method of recording, makes the recording of Sky very simple

  100andthirty 19:21 01 May 2008


tell us which VHS/DVD you've got - we'll help you tell whether it has freeview. the common saying "record from the TV" is nearly never that. since the earleist days of video recorders they've always had their own tuner, so can record when TV is off or a different channel from the one being watched. If you don't have digital (Freeview) on the DVD/VHS, then you can for about £18, get a freeview box and scart lead from Tesco that will allow the DVD to record freeview without tv (assume already has freeview)on.

  johnnyrocker 19:39 01 May 2008

i dont see how (unless dvd/vcr has it's own tuner) one can record and watch a different channel using the set up envisaged?


  100andthirty 20:57 01 May 2008

I thought all DVD/VHS recorders had tuners. The issue is whether it has a freeview tuner

  johnnyrocker 20:59 01 May 2008

i was not aware that freeview was a pre requsite?


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