Recording on DVD from TV programme

  James McGrory 19:43 01 May 2018

I am looking for someone to record a Channel 4 series on DVD (for personal - not commercial use). An element of editing (for referencing episodes only) would be desirable....but not essential. I have not been able to find anyone, who does this would be happy with a private transaction. Can anyone help/suggest? James McGrorry ([email protected])

  wee eddie 21:36 01 May 2018


  James McGrory 22:47 01 May 2018

Unlikely ?? It hardly seems an unreasonable thing to why does no-one do it? James

  john bunyan 23:11 01 May 2018

I used to do this when I lived abroad. I have a HD / DVD Panasonic recorder that I used to use for recording on the HD then labouriosly editing out the ads and finalising so the DVD could be played on another player. It was quite a faff. Then there was which DVD format - DVD - RW or DVD - RAM - can’t remember. These days I use catch up or just the HD and haven’t burnt a DVD for years. Also did the same using my previous PC that had the old Media Centre Edition of Widows XP.

Hope you find someone, maybe try a loca PC group. If you have a PC with a DVD writer you could get a usb tv card/ recorder and do it yourself as , for example, Happauage WinTv cards have such software.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:16 01 May 2018

so why does no-one do it?

because the programs are copywrite - you can record for yourself and use "fair use"

you are certainly not allowed to make money from the recording by charging someone else for a copy

  James McGrory 23:24 01 May 2018

Thank you, Christian! Like yourself, I've spent most of my life overseas - where making home recordings on DVD was common! Not here, it would seem......and the TV people seem to consider that there is not much of a market in keeping DVD masters of many interesting programmes......which are then lost! Your advice is constructive - and much appreciated - but I'm not tekkily inclined........and was looking for someone to do it for me (for a fee). So joy!

  James McGrory 23:28 01 May 2018

I'm aware of that, Fruit is for my own personal use - but I don't have Know-how to do it myself, so am quite happy to pay someone to do it for me! No copyright infringement, there!

  hastelloy 08:56 02 May 2018
  • so am quite happy to pay someone to do it for me! No copyright infringement, there!*

The person selling the copy to you would be infringing copyright.

  James McGrory 09:28 02 May 2018

Rubbish! He would not be "selling" the discs for commercial profit....but simply being compensated for his time & effort! It would be exactly the same as he or I recording (at home) - which is quite legitimate!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 02 May 2018

simply being compensated for his time & effort!

that's where the problem lies - if done for nothing would be OK.

  James McGrory 11:44 02 May 2018

OK, Fruit bat......Do you know anyone who might do it for nothing? (....and perhaps accept a GRATUITY, in appreciation)? This country no longer has a can-do culture......prefering, instead, to think up all sorts of ingenious reasons (excuses ?) why anything CAN'T be done!

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