Recording from a digital video camera

  WtheM 14:54 18 Jun 2003

I confidently volunteered to record a friends home video from her digital video camera, onto a CD, thus making a VCD (I think).
I have the required lead but where do I go from here???!!
PLEASE help!

  fitshase 14:59 18 Jun 2003

You will need a Firewire card, a Firewire cable and some sort of Video editing software.

If you have WindowsXP then you can use Microsoft Movie Maker (or download Moviemaker 2 from the Microsoft website - it's free).

Once you have downloaded the video from the camera (link the camera to the computer, switch it on, load the video editing program, capture the video by using the menus in the video editing program), simply do a quick edit and then export to a MPEG file suitable for a VCD.

All you need to do then is to create the VCD using the MPEG file and your normal CD creation software.



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