recording digital tv

  andyfrog 20:04 23 Dec 2007

i have just bought a dvd recorder with freeview built in and cant get it to find the ntl csble box to record off.i have a tv with 2 scart sockets,a digital receiver and analogue box how will i be able to wire them up so that i can record a digital channel.any help would be much appreciated..thanx in advance,andy,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 23 Dec 2007

you will beable to record the digital freeview channels tough the boxes own tuner and aerial connection.

To record from the NTL cable box you will need to connect via scart and select the scart input channel.

  andyfrog 20:29 23 Dec 2007

thanx for that Fruit Bat /\0/\.i seem to be able to record freeview but the dvd recorder wont even recognize the cable box even though theres a scart connecting them.

  dms05 20:53 23 Dec 2007

You may well need to select a 'source' so that the DVD Recorder is looking at the SCART rather than the Freeview DTT tuner. In the days of analogue you could often select Channel 0 for the SCART. Can I suggest the manual may tell you how?

  andyfrog 21:06 23 Dec 2007

your onto sumat there dms05.trouble is the booklet was extremely basic and i followed their diagram as best i could.i cant tune the the dvd recorder to find the same channel that the digibox is on.wen i switch the av channel the recorders own freeview channels come on.

  MCE2K5 21:08 23 Dec 2007

Look for "Input Select" on the Remote.

  andyfrog 21:29 23 Dec 2007

cheers for try that in the morn.gotta go to work now,(bummer).will let you know how i got on.

  andyfrog 21:10 24 Dec 2007

just to let all who helped me out that iv managed to sort it all out.thanx and merry christmas to all.

  MCE2K5 21:18 24 Dec 2007

Glad you're Sorted Andy & Merry Christmas to you to. Have a Good one.

  andyfrog 21:25 24 Dec 2007

cheers MCE2K5,you were right bowt the input button.thanx again.just hope ive been good enuf for santa to bring me a 42 inch lcd.heres wishing.

  MCE2K5 21:57 24 Dec 2007

Andy, Santa's Just Flying over Ljubljana, Slovenia at the mo. Keep your Fingers Crossed :-)

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