Recording on CD-R & CD-RW to play on HI-FI System

  Kase 11:43 16 Oct 2004

Help please, I have just puchased a Sony Hi-Fi component System that states it can play CD-R and CD-RW also MP3. The operating instructions state that "discs recorded in Multi session that have not ended by closing the session are not supported" also "The system may be unable to play MP3 format files that do not have the extender "MP3". I have a copy of Ahead Nero 5.5 will this program meet the the specification for recording? and will it tell me how to close a session and add MP3 extenders?. I just thought it would be a matter of downloading music onto my computer and then copying the files to a suitable disc it all seems to be a bit more complicated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 16 Oct 2004

Start Nero-- first screen that comes up should have a tab Multisession---click the third option NO multisession --- this will close (finalise the disk after copying, so make sure you have all the files / songs on the disk you need.(approx 17 tracks 175 mp3 files.)

When you copy mp3 files to the CD (data CD) the file names must end with mp3

e.g. Nickleback-How you remind me.mp3


  Kase 12:50 16 Oct 2004

Thanks Fruit Bat found the screen and tab No Multisession Disc. Just a question for MP3 files I Copy as Data CD? as a compilation of tracks of various music from CD discs I have I Copy as an Audio CD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 16 Oct 2004

Yes thats correct.

I think! also if you select Audio CD if you copy a mp3 to it Nero converts it to CDDA audio before burning.

  Mango Grummit 13:43 16 Oct 2004

I know where you are coming from here -- you have received good advice above but I would like to chip in and add -- use only CD-R and not CD-RW for what you want to do. I could be wrong but for me anyway CD-RW do not work in this instance but CD-R always do.

  Kase 15:05 16 Oct 2004

Thanks Mango Grummit since your reply I have trawled through the Ahead Nero Help File and they do not consider CD-RW discs should be used in this type of application. The point of all this for me is I am trying to avoid producing a lot of coasters so this research is proving very worthwhile for me, I was in fact going to start with CD-RW discs!! now I will use only CD-R. I wonder why Sony States the System will play CD-RW if you cannot record music on them.

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