Recording audio from tape HiFi unit to - PC Desktop

  Diemmess 14:52 21 Dec 2012

I have done this easily years ago with Audacity installed to edit before burning CDs. I assume I must load Audacity and then set the tape player running?

I still have mess of cables to connect Hi Fi to a Maplin preamplifier, then onwards to line in on the PC

Result ------- absolutely nothing! Not even a crackle or buzz.

Having done it satisfactorily years ago, I feel a right plonker not being able to do it this time. The Pre-amp has scarcely a finger mark and all have been stowed in the original box between times. Could the pre-amp be dead? or have I failed to choose what to plug in and where? The power supply to the Pre-amp is OK

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:01 21 Dec 2012

In control panel sounds and audio Have you set recording from line in?

  Diemmess 15:32 21 Dec 2012

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ ..............Yes Realtek HD audio playback and Realtek HD Audio Recording respectively These are the default settings.

I have confused myself trying too many alternatives. (Using XP)

I have plugged into Line in on the PC perhaps I should try Mic?

The HI Fi is an old Tecnics stack and I'm unsure where to plug in amongst the spaghetti. I expected that the back of this Cassette deck with the phono sockets saying REC Play Back?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:52 21 Dec 2012

Do you need the preamp ?

speaker output from cassette to line in or mic (sound card set accordingly)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:56 21 Dec 2012

or if hi-fi has headphone socket

I used to use a 3.5 male to male cable from headphone socket to line in on PC

Always seem to forget to switch hifi to cassette rather than the turntable though and wonder why no sound :0)

  Bris 16:00 21 Dec 2012

Better to use the headphone output as the speaker output is far too high and could blow your line in circuit.

  Diemmess 16:54 21 Dec 2012

There is a headphone socket but It needs an adaptor to reduce from its WWII size and is at the output end of the main amplifier. I put it somewhere safe long ago and can't find it!

I really feel dim with this one...Assuming I sort out a connection with the PC and have Audacity loaded, does Audacity automatically wake up and offer to record? ...... Or what is the next step?

life never used to be like this!!!!

  lotvic 01:34 22 Dec 2012
  mole1944 05:16 22 Dec 2012

here goes,this is in win7 but it applies vista. go to control hardware & sound-open change sound system-click on the recording tab-right click and tick show show disabled devices-click on stereo mix-just click your way out,hope that helps.

  Diemmess 11:47 22 Dec 2012

Thanks everyone.

All the info is most helpful. The new Audacity is a big development on the old version, but for the present just makes it necessary to concentrate on the good help now available rather than just crash about.

Have now a good signal from the headphone outlet and run the hardware check on the PC's capability.

I have yet to find a ticked box or a procedure which will make Audacity take notice, or to record anything at all which is available though the integrated Realtek and Foxconn MB.

Should be doing other things, but a son is calling later anyway and though he like me hasn't done this for ages, is likely to bring the right answer. forom a bran which still has more grey cells than mine.

  Diemmess 15:33 22 Dec 2012

None so blind as WILL not see. All rigged up with a radio programme recording

With Audacity loaded, clicked on the record button, then one click to the play button just for fun. Almost deafened by the response!

It was her first Secondary School Concert last Thursday and youngest grandchild played (with piano accompanist) her soprano sax and "Somewhere over the Rainbow." The old pocketable recorder did us proud and now I can present her with a CD.

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