Recording from Audio tape to computer

  A&D 19:50 25 Sep 2003

How do I transfer (record) from an audio tape into my computer and save as a wav file? The recording facility in XP remains a mystery to me and only seems to cater for recording up to 60 secs of sound from a mic.

  BarryKeith 20:09 25 Sep 2003

You can download free software that will enable you to record from the "line in" connection of your sound card. All you require apart from that is a suitable lead to connect the line out from your tape player to the line in on your computer.
you will need a bit of patience though, you can only record at the speed of the tape player. Also, depending on the software, you may have to separate the tracks manually using a wave editor.

  Mr Tinkles II 20:23 25 Sep 2003

what software is there exactly? i am interested in doing the same thing

  Newuser38 20:52 25 Sep 2003

Try using the search facility at the top. Heres one link which might help click here, but there are lots on this in previous threads too numerous to list which can be found by using search.

  acrobat270 20:59 25 Sep 2003

Have just figured this out for a friend. As suggested above a lead from tape to computer and wave editor are required. I used audacity, a freeware wave editor. The problems will be:
1. Volumes - you will need to spend time adjusting the volume on the line in and your tape player or the recording will be too quiet or distort if too loud.
2. Once saved the .wav file is very big. However audacity has the option to export as MP3. When you use this for the first time a box will come up asking where a file called 'lame_enc.dll' is and explaining that audacity does not come with this. I did a search on yahoo and found this .dll file for download. I saved it in c:, programs, audacity. When audacity asks for the file you can browse to this location. So far good results.

See this recent thread and my links regarding recording vinyl - same process.

click here

  A&D 09:35 26 Sep 2003

Thanks to all for the help. I'll have a go.

  A&D 20:36 29 Sep 2003

After a search I have now downloaded Total Recorder from at £7.56. It workd perfectly.

On a related topic, I can reccommend Steinberg Clean Plus, which includes all the tools for recording, and cleaning up audio signals. The Plus version also includes a pre-amp to allow you to record vinyl records.Steinberg can also import/export MP3 files as well as handling WAV files.

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