recording audio tape to cd rom

  pookie 13:21 03 Feb 2005


windows xp home edition sp2, media player 9, nforce 2 onboard sound.

what is the easiest/best/free way of recording audio tapes via a normal casette player to burn on to cd rom.

Many thanks


  TomJerry 13:39 03 Feb 2005

you need a cable to link sound out (phone) from your tape player to the line in of your sound card at the back of computer, you can get it from maplin, maybe cost a pound

recoding software: great and free CDex click here, music will be recorded as wav (or mp3 format)

you need a burning software to burn to CD, if you do not have something like Nero or Roxio, WMP10 or real player can do it

  pookie 12:28 07 Feb 2005

many thanks - it worked a treat and was simple to use


  Bingalau 14:54 07 Feb 2005

I am interested in this thread, I once owned a three speed tape recorder, being interested in getting as much music on the tape as I could and not worrying about quality. I recorded a lot of stuff at the slowest speed. This was great for family use until eventually the tape recorder gave up the ghost. I then found I couldn't buy a new recorder with facilities for playing or recording at three speeds (only two) and of course the speed I wanted was not available. The tapes I have are still in a wooden box somewhere in the house and I would love to play them again. Is it possible to record them at the speed I require to copy them???

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