recording from audio cassette

  wildrover 12:00 21 Aug 2003

I would like to record some audio cassettes directly to the hdd, and maybe then on to CD. I am fine with the CD bit but is it possible to record directly to the hard drive? Can anyone advise on the hardware, software and methods for doing this please? I am using windows xp home and have a built in sound card.

  stlucia 12:56 21 Aug 2003

You need a line-out socket or a headphone socket on your cassette player, and a line-in socket on your PC.

Connect them together, start up whatever recording software comes with your sound card or PC (Windows Media Player does the job, I believe) and you can then record whatever is playing on your cassette player.

  billyliv 12:57 21 Aug 2003

Hi, I use 'Total recorder' which is downloaded from the 'High Criteria' web site. A one off license fee of about £8 is payable then it is yours for as long as you want it. This prog. also records from internet radio. Cheers, Bill

  peter4076 12:58 21 Aug 2003

Yes there is go to click here and have a look at Xitel INport this will do it because I have it, If it is what you want put it in a UK search engine & purchase it locally.

  Wes Tam ;-) 13:04 21 Aug 2003

Connect the stereo-out of your cassette deck to the line-in of your PC/soundcard.

For software try click here

  pj123 16:03 21 Aug 2003

All the above is good advice. I use LP Recorder and LP Ripper from click here LP Recorder will record as one long track and LP Ripper will split it up into separate tracks again.

  wildrover 17:48 21 Aug 2003

Thanks people!!! I've got the cables and downloaded RIP Vinyl as recommended by Wes Tam ;-). It does the job fine. Just one more thing: the cassettes I am recording are taped, spoken interviews, (I am a research student) even at the lowest quality the resulting WAV files are v.v. BIG. Any advice on getting the file sizes down please?

  BarryKeith 19:08 21 Aug 2003

Convert them to mp3 or wma, they'll take up far less space.

  christmascracker 19:15 21 Aug 2003

This is probably a silly question but what lead do you use to connect pc and cassette player?


  pj123 21:23 21 Aug 2003

christmascracker. No, not silly at all. You need a 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack. Plug one end in to your cassette player headphone socket and the other end into the line in on your sound card.

  pj123 21:27 21 Aug 2003

wildrover. Read this thread on converting .wav to mp3. click here

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