Recordable CD Rom

  DESNL 10:35 09 Aug 2004

Have just transferred some photos of my Grandchildren to CD which already had some photos.
To my dismay, existing have been overwritten, and I always thought was impossible.
Any ideas as to how can avoid in future and as to whether I can retrieve those overwritten.

  cherria 10:43 09 Aug 2004

IF it was a CD-R (meaning CD recordable) then it is impossible, but if it was a CD-RW (CD rewriteable) then you could have overwritten. The other possibility is that you have created a multi-session CD, but I don't know enough about these to know how you would retrieve the information.

  Sans le Sou 10:46 09 Aug 2004

Are you sure you did not reformat the disc before adding the new pics, if the new pics had the same filenames they should not have been overwritten without a warning.

  Gongoozler 10:46 09 Aug 2004

Hi DESNL. If the disk is a CD-RW that was formatted for Packet Writing, such as InCD, then it will act like a large floppy drive, and I think that will include overwriting existing files of the same name. If you used normal CD writing software such as Nero, then it should be impossible for the data on the disk to be overwritten. With photos or any other important archived files I always ensure that I have two copies, initially one on the computer and one on a CD-RW, then when I have a CD full number of pictures I burn two good quality CD-R disks. Then if one copy gets lost or damaged I have a second as backup. Although CD is a very reliable medium, failures do occur and it is sad to lose irreplaceable memories.

It may be worth checking your disk with file recovery software, just in case the pictures are still there.

  pj123 10:48 09 Aug 2004

You need to start your CDR as a Multisession disk and then when adding more to it, make sure it is checked as "Continue Multisession disc" and then make sure there is no tick in the "Replace files in compilation" box and tick the box "Add new files to compilation". Now click on "New" select the new files you want to add and it should add the new files to the CD. You should see a list of the existing files (in grey) and the newly added files will be black. Now burn the new files to the CD. When the CD is full make sure you finalise (no further writing possible).

  Stuartli 10:48 09 Aug 2004

You would appear to have been using a CD-RW disk (not the best choice in any case) and not used it in multisession form.

The superior reflectivity of a CD-R and readability is preferable to a rewritable disk; as already stated you could also not have overwritten it.

The best way (at least I find) is to use a CD-R in multisession form and keeping adding files until it is full.

Ensure that the Add new files box is ticked (I'm talking about Nero) after Starting a Multisession disk and then using Continue Multisession.

Name the disk as, say, Family Pix, and drag and drop the required pix files into the folder name for each session. Once it is full start a new disk, perhaps called Family Pix 2.

Might be worth adding the month/year to the folder title so you have an idea of the period the pictures were taken.

  Sans le Sou 10:51 09 Aug 2004

Get a copy of ISOBuster and see if you have all the other pics hidden. If you are using multisessions be careful not to forget "continue multisession"

  Gongoozler 11:02 09 Aug 2004

The good news is that unless you have used InCD or similar, the pictures are still there, it is only the directory that isn't reporting them as present. In that case, recovery software should be able to find them. ISOBuster as recomended by Sans le Sou looks promising click here

  DESNL 11:08 09 Aug 2004

Very many thanks to Sans le Sou and Gongoozller.
Brilliant. ISO Buster has resolved
Sincerely DESNL

  DESNL 11:08 09 Aug 2004

Very many thanks to Sans le Sou and Gongoozller.
Brilliant. ISO Buster has resolved
Sincerely DESNL

  DESNL 11:08 09 Aug 2004

Very many thanks to Sans le Sou and Gongoozller.
Brilliant. ISO Buster has resolved
Sincerely DESNL

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