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Record what you hear

  Pidder 15:19 11 Aug 2005

Have moved up to XP. With 98SE I used SVRecorder.Does XP have the facility to record what comes through the speakers: Otherwise is there a freebie? Have looked through the PCA downloads listings but don't see anything relevant.

  Alan2 17:43 11 Aug 2005


Added to My Postings.

  Pidder 18:38 11 Aug 2005

Thanks everyone. Have downloaded JAD6_BASIC and will give it a try.

  GaT7 18:54 11 Aug 2005

Audacity (€dstowe's 2nd link) will also record what you hear.

BTW, what soundcard do you have? They usually have their own recording software - Creative does anyway. G

  Pidder 19:19 11 Aug 2005

Thanks for yours. I am using a new laptop, so don't know the technical details yet. Will have to use Everest.

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