Record Video from Analogue to Digital Camcorder

  User-91B72937-4031-41FE-9B6A6F798C82A2F8 14:48 21 Feb 2003

I have an old analogue camcorder and a new digital one. The analogue has composite output (yellow and black), the digital camcorder has USB, firewire, composite, edit.

There was an article in March 2001 PC Advisor suggesting that I could just connect them together and transfer my analogue video to digital (then I can get in onto my PC and edit it without buying any more expensive hardware).

I connected the two together using a cable that came with my digital camcorder, connecting yellow composite to yellow and white to black on the analogue, the other end of the cable went into the AV socket on the digital camcorder. I tried all sorts of combinations, but I couldn't seem to record anything.

Do I need a cable that is composite to firewire? I know my camcorder can cope with firewire input.

  rosblot 15:26 21 Feb 2003

Try checking your analogue output to a TV.

Then try checkng your digital input from the TV.

When you've proved both work separately connect them together.

If this doesn't work scrap the idea, your problem could be related to different resolutions or different transmission speeds.

  Jonathan314159 15:57 21 Feb 2003

rosblot's solution worked for me. It's a little while ago now, and my memories a little dim, but for some reason I had to buy a special scart socket which had an in/out switch on it and phono connections to get all the links to work properly

  MichelleC 16:00 21 Feb 2003

If your new dv camcord is Sony u can use the dv 'passthrough' for analogue.

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