Record radio music use laptop or desktop?

  tonyq 16:25 27 Dec 2011

I am hoping to record some brass band music from the radio using Audacity.My question is,would it make any difference to the quality if I record the music using my laptop or using my desktop pc which as 5.1 sound. I will be saving the recording in MP3 format.

  john bunyan 17:04 27 Dec 2011

Prviding you use a "good" MP3 compression ,say a bitrate of 128, it does not make any difference where you record it. The difference comes if you replay it, where the 5.1 sound would be a lot better.If more convenient you could record on the laptop and transfer to the desktop via a usb hd.

  ton 17:22 27 Dec 2011

If you want it to sound good, then record higher than 128. 320 will sound better.

  Aitchbee 18:18 27 Dec 2011

Recording the music in mono mode rather than stereo, might be better, if you want to keep your soundfile sizes to a manageable size.

  tonyq 20:28 27 Dec 2011

I split the difference and recorded at 256 bit rate.It is now downloaded and ready to put on a CD. Thank you for your help/advice.

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