Record Mode and Image size for photos

  Ancient Learner 21:34 27 Jun 2005

Some while ago, it was said that it was best to record in TIFF.

We are the proud owners of a new Olympus c-7070 Camera, which has a choice of modes and Image sizes that resemble a sweet shop in choice. The choice is fine, but the method of setting them is not straight forward.

There is a RAW mode at 3072x2304

There are a whole series of TIFF sizes ranging from 3072x2304 to 649x480.

There is SHQ and SHQ32 at 30772x2304 and 3072x2048 respectively.

There is HQ and HQ32 at 30772x2304 and 3072x2048 respectively.

Then there are groups of SQ1 and SQ2s.

The camera defaults to HQ 3072x2304. The results that I've seen so far suggest that may be OK, but the results using SHQ seem to be an improvement, but although I can change to any of the settings for the duration of the session before it switches itself off (after 3 minutes non use)I have to keep resetting it then, and that is a fairly long winded mess with the menus.

I cannot fathom how to change the default setting.

Has any of the photo experts got any comments please.

  Skeletor 11:39 28 Jun 2005

Ancient Learner,

I can't help you with changing the default settings on your camera, but I can comment on the formats you mention.

"Some while ago, it was said that it was best to record in TIFF"

These days fewer and fewer cameras use the TIFF format as RAW becomes more popular. It all depends on what you want to do with your pictures. If you are only interested in taking holiday snaps and taking your memory card down to Boots for printing, then one of the higher quality JPEG formats would be ideal, I think I would give the lower quality JPEGs a miss though. However, if you're into post processing and getting the absolute best from your camera, then you should go for RAW, but you will need a RAW converter or plugin (there are one or two that can be downloaded for free). I don't have the TIFF option in my camera and I don't really see why I would need it. TIFFs will take up more than twice the space on your memory card compared to RAW, and at least four times the space compared with your highest quality JPEG.

Hope this helps


  exdragon 15:00 28 Jun 2005

I've got the C5050, which has the same settings, but when I select a specific mode, it stays there until I select something else. I've tried turning the camera off and on, leaving it, but the display remains at what I've selected.

How are you selecting it in the first place? On the 5050 it's the OK button, then Mode Menu, tab down one to Picture, then click to the right twice to see the options, then again right for the further options, other than Raw. When you choose one, press the OK button twice to get rid of the menu and your choice should show in the top screen.

If it's not the same set up as yours, I apologise!

  exdragon 15:11 28 Jun 2005

Just read the book! You can also get directly to the modes by pressing OK, then using the left alick to get to the various options. Oh - just had a thought! Have you got the All Reset option selected? If it's set to On, all settings are returned to the factory default. If it's set as Off, the settings made before the power is turned off are saved.

It's in Mode Menu, Settings (the bottom of the labels down the side), then it's the top option (on mine, anyway)

If you have any other problems, you can email me if you like and I'll try to help

  exdragon 15:22 28 Jun 2005

I've just realised that my earlier opening 'Just read the book!' might be taken as telling you to read it. What I meant was that I had just found the book and read it myself...Easy to upset people in print when you shorten things, isn't it? If I hadn't been lazy and written, 'I've just read...' I could have saved myself this posting!

  Ancient Learner 16:06 28 Jun 2005

Many thanks for your messages. (Certainly nothing seen that could possibly be upsetting:)) )

I think, mind you only think, that I used the method you described, however, when I can get my hands on the camera, I'll have another look and let you know how I go on.

  exdragon 16:11 28 Jun 2005

I think the main problem is the Reset On setting, it certainly infuriated me before I discovered how to change it. Likewise the filename - if you leave it at reset instead of auto, it numbers all your images from 1 on each card, instead of having 1 - 30(say) on the first card and then 31 onwards on the next card.

Have fun!

  Ancient Learner 16:21 28 Jun 2005

I read about this 'Reset On setting' thingy somewhere in the 222 page instructions that I printed off from the CD, but it was somewhat like double Dutch to me. Are you perhaps suggesting that it should be set at reset then, rather than auto and that this will effect how the camera deals with the mode when it gets switched off. Must try it!

  exdragon 16:41 28 Jun 2005

According to the manual,if All Reset is ON: all settings are returned to the factory/default settings after the power is turned off. If it's set to OFF: the settings made before the power is turned off are saved.

So, if you have it set to ON, then change from HQ to something else, say SHQ (which is better quality) and then turn the camera off, or it powers itself off if you haven't used it for the specified time, then when you turn it on again, the setting will default to HQ

  Ancient Learner 16:51 28 Jun 2005

Um! Now you say it, it kind of makes sense, I think! I'll try it.

  exdragon 16:53 28 Jun 2005

Yes, give it a go and come back if you need to! I was very pleased with the 5050, and want to hang onto it although I've gone the Nikon D70 DSLR route now

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