Is this a record?

  Kate B 23:29 14 Nov 2004

Back from demucking the friends' computer and here are the statistics.
AVG found seven trojans, Adaware found 298 critical objects and Spybot found 76 problems ... it took four hours to sort it all out and install SP2.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:32 14 Nov 2004

bah...those are statistics for softboys. Come back when you have found 3800 incorrect registry entries and 1457 entries in Adaware


  VoG II 23:33 14 Nov 2004

Probably not but well done and I hope they gave you a decent dinner!

  Lady Lara 23:34 14 Nov 2004

Not bad. I have found more on spybot and adaware - but avg was clear. Not at the same time but then again i did once 300+ objects in adaware is my record.

If you w ant to win this then get a kids pc as they download everything!!!!

  Kate B 23:37 14 Nov 2004

ha ha ... yes, we had a jolly tasty roast chicken dinner. Well worth the effort. Now all they need to do is upgrade the memory and buy a new mouse!!!

  douglas1973 23:45 14 Nov 2004

I have just found out rather belatedly that DAP is responsible for adware on my computer so I have reluctantly removed it because I rather liked it. What do you suggest that I replace it with?

  Kate B 23:49 14 Nov 2004

douglas1973: I suggest you replace your dialup with broadband! the accelerators are rubbish.

  douglas1973 23:53 14 Nov 2004

I do have Broadband Kate B

  Dan the Confused 00:03 15 Nov 2004

Try Download Express, I use it and it's fab click here

  jimv7 00:06 15 Nov 2004

Removed norton 4 from a computer, installed avg6/adaware and spybot, avg found over 26,000 infected files, adaware found over 6,000 and spybot found over 800, thats my best record to date.

  Lady Lara 00:14 15 Nov 2004

Jesus H !!!

I bet that was just in the startup files as well!!!

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