No idea 16:47 28 Feb 2004

Hello, Iam running XP with the new file format, howver I now wish to change back to Fat 32. I know this can be done because I have done it once before after reading an article in a mag.
What I will also need to know is do I run the command from the A/prompt or from the run command in windows?
Anybody any ideas , thank you

  anon1 16:54 28 Feb 2004

in a nutshell you cant. you would need to format and install win 98 to go back. click here

  Chegs ® 17:00 28 Feb 2004

I just had a good hunt thru google,and everyone says its only possible by use of a 3rd party app(such as PM or BootiTNG)and every result was in french,requiring the "translate" option(which quite often fails to create text that makes sense)

  Paranoid Android 17:16 28 Feb 2004

PartitionMagic 8 will do it - but the list of possible error codes has to be seen to be believed. Copied below, but not in full. Therefore the usual caveats apply.

NTFS to FAT or FAT32

Use to convert an NTFS partition to a FAT. This type of conversion lets you access the partition's files using a DOS or Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP.

Converting an NTFS partition to FAT32 lets you view the contents of the partition from Windows 95b/98/Me/2000/XP. However, a FAT32 partition will not be accessible to Windows 95a and Windows NT.

Conditions of conversion

NTFS is a more advanced file system than FAT and FAT32. Therefore, depending on the NTFS features used on the partition, the type of data, and partition size, you will either be allowed to complete the conversion or not.
If you receive an error message and the conversion stops, one or more of the following usually causes it:

? The file system for conversion is not allowed for the current partition size. The FAT32 partition must be greater than 256 MB and the FAT partition must be less than 2 GB.

? The Windows 2000/XP NTFS partition has compressed files, sparse files, reparse points, or encrypted files. In such cases, you can uncompress and/or move (or delete) the files or points, then repeat the conversion.

? The NTFS partition has data in memory that has not yet been written to the hard disk.

? The file system has errors, such as lost clusters and cross-linked files. You can fix these problems, then try the conversion again.

? There is not enough temporary space in the partition to do the conversion. The conversion will require the NTFS system and the FAT32 system files until the last step of the conversion. Also, there is data in NTFS FRS's that must be moved to external clusters and saved.

If you can complete the conversion, you may receive a warning about the quality of data and feature loss, depending on the features used on the partition, the type of data, and the partition size.

If you get no warning, the conversion is allowed.

(However note the following.)

The most basic NTFS partition still gives files more features than are found in FAT or FAT32. When Windows NT 4.0 is used to copy files from an NTFS partition to a FAT partition, no warning is given about the features you are losing. Also, the conversion will not give you a warning about specific features that cannot be converted. These features include:?

Standard journal file - This file is a transaction log of changes to the NTFS file system. After conversion, the journal file will be lost.

NTFS-specific file attributes - NTFS and FAT both have standard file attributes, such as Read-only, Archive, Hidden, and System. NTFS has additional file attributes that can be set. After conversion, however, these additional file attributes will be lost.

NTFS-specific file dates - On the last edit time is converted to the FAT date. After conversion, the creation date, last access date, and last edit date (date change only) will be lost.

Reliable change journal - This journal file is new to Windows 2000 and XP. After conversion, this file will be lost.


  bananaslik 18:04 28 Feb 2004

gosh Paranoid Android what a mouthful

  961 19:06 28 Feb 2004

I have done it with Partitionmagic 8 with no problem

I think sticking with FAT 32 is a good idea because of the difficulties described above.

  Paranoid Android 12:05 29 Feb 2004

Just out of interest, why do you want to convert back ?


  No idea 00:06 14 Apr 2004

Hi ,sorry i have been out of circulation due to some heavy personal details.Decided to invest in a larger hard drive. Used it to dual boot XP/ME so now have best of both worlds. The main reason is that I had some great games that would only play in Dos mode and were not compatible with xp
thanks again vin

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