Reconnecting to Netgear DG834G router

  Mike_R 17:28 25 Aug 2008

I had to reload Windows XP on my son's desktop but can't get reconnected to the internet router via the ethernet cable. I've gone through the Netgear set up program again but get the message "No cable or router detected".

I've tried the various connection wizards on XP but can't find one that seems to work. I'd welcome advice on which wizard, if any, I should have used, and whether I should have loaded any special driver etc? Or is there something else that I have overlooked? The internet connection is broadband. What bugs me is that I've reloaded XP before and got the internet connection up. It must be old age!

The router itself is still working in that the laptop still connects to the internet.

  brundle 17:52 25 Aug 2008

Is your network adapter driver loaded? Go to start menu/run, type


press return

Are there any red or yellow marks next to hardware?
Is there anything under Network Adapters?

Is the connection enabled in Control Panel/Network Connections?

Do the lights on the router or on the actual NIC socket flash or light at all with a cable plugged in?

Have you checked the cable works on another machine?

  Mike_R 18:19 25 Aug 2008

I had a look in the device manager data and don't recall seeing anything listed as a network adapter but I will not be able to check for a day or two. If it isn't there, how do I go about loading one? To compound the problem, my son's laptop mains connector seems to be kaput.
Could I copy the network adapter software down to a CD on my vista desktop and load it onto my sons's PC?

  Ashrich 18:36 25 Aug 2008

What make and model of laptop does your son have ?


  Ashrich 18:37 25 Aug 2008

Sorry , desktop not laptop ( lol )


  Mike_R 18:47 25 Aug 2008

Evesham pre administration, but I can't remember which model.

  Ashrich 22:40 25 Aug 2008

The likelihood is that the ethernet port is on the motherboard rather than an add in card , do you have the original motherboard disk , that would have had all the drivers on , USB ports , Ethernet , chipset driver etc.


  Mike_R 22:58 25 Aug 2008

That's a thought. When I reloaded XP I used the rcovery CD and reloaded the Works software and the Epson printer/scanner drivers. I don't remember loading anything else. I will have to search around the next time I visit, probably tomorrow.

  Mike_R 16:05 27 Aug 2008

Had a look in device manager. "Other devices" are in yellow and there is no network adapter shown. I asume that I have not loaded a required driver and will search around the CDs held for the PC when I next visit.

  Mike_R 16:27 30 Aug 2008

Thanks again folks. Broadband running now. I had forgotten to load the drivers.

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