Reconfiguring cm3 repeater to a different wifi network

  RolandasPT4U 09:32 04 Jul 2014

Hi I have changed my wifi supplier and need to reconfigure my cm3 repeater but click here doesn't open anymore (I connected it to my laptop and did everything like the first time when it had worked). So my question - is it possible for me to reconfigure cm3 repeater to a different network?

  onthelimit1 10:12 04 Jul 2014

Your 'click here' doesn't work. Is this the sequence you have tried?

  RolandasPT4U 10:53 04 Jul 2014

I've actually typed cm3-repeater.ip with http:// infront but it was automatically converted to 'click here'. The problem is, the page doesn't open and I need it in order to start cm3 repeater re-configuration to a new wifi network as I've change my internet provider (right now cm3 repeater is configured with the old wifi network which I don't use anymore). Is it doable or is cm3 repeater ment to be configured only once?

  RolandasPT4U 11:06 04 Jul 2014

and yes, I have connected repeater to laptop as the sequence suggests, also tried wiressly (I've done it all successfully the first time when configuring with the old wifi nefwork so I know the drill) but the url cm3-repeater.ip does not open and as I understand I have to open it to start the configuration.

  RolandasPT4U 23:49 04 Jul 2014

Would be very useful to find out if it's possible to configure the cm3 repeater for the second time...

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