Recommnedations for Broadband provider

  Plastic Dracula 15:21 01 Oct 2005

Im currently with Wanadoo.

Got 1 Meg Broadband and have a usage limit of 2 Gig per month. I am paying £17.99 per month for this.

I am looking to change to a provider without a usage limit for about the same price, preferably 1 Meg.

Any suggestions?

  Master T 15:24 01 Oct 2005

tiscali is quite good you can get 2mb broadband unlimited for 17.99 a month

  MAJ 15:27 01 Oct 2005

Tiscali have an offer at the moment (until end of October) 1 meg connection for £14.99.

  MAJ 15:29 01 Oct 2005

"Tiscali have an offer at the moment (until end of October) 1 meg connection for £14.99."

Forgot to say: That's "no limit".

  johnnyrocker 15:33 01 Oct 2005

click here for comparitor guide.


  Plastic Dracula 16:14 01 Oct 2005

Just been looking at the comparison page that johnnyrocker posted.
Tiscali seem to be rated lower than a few others and I have heard in the past they have had issues with Tiscali, reliability and stuff.
Anyone had any experience of this?

A colleague has just signed up for plus net.
Anybody tried them?


  Master T 16:25 01 Oct 2005

tiscali kept dissconnecting me alot but that was because of the thunder and lightning and bad weather

  Taff36 11:12 02 Oct 2005

Excellent. You can pay a one off £11.75 and have a monthly contract that means you aren`t tied to a minimum 12 month contract. You also get free modem, installation and set up and all for £14.99 per month. They don`t have any download limits however if you intend to abuse their "fair use" policy and download large files such as videos you will come unstuck. They throttle back such users at peak times and concentrate on users who are surfing and sending e-mail. That will satisfy most users.

They also have national rate telephone support so you aren`t paying extortionate amounts per minute. All round good service I think.

  ^wave^ 11:14 02 Oct 2005

try homecall get freephone calls too

  JayDay 12:32 02 Oct 2005

I agree with Taff36. Plusnet are very good as long as you are not a P2P junkie.

  J B 12:42 02 Oct 2005

Have a look at, 2MB with 5MB per month and is £18.99 plus up to 3 months free depending on what you choose to do. Also has free 24 hour help line all year round. J.B.

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