Recommended Wireless Router ?

  skidzy 17:50 21 May 2006

Good afternoon Forum
Today i have purchased a new laptop from Dell click here
The purchase is the one on the left of the page.

Firstly i didnt pay the asking price,the sales guy knocked off £60.00 and gave me the windows disc and recovery disc thrown in.

Although im pretty confident with computers i have no knowledge of wireless connections.

I would like to know which router will serve me best.The router will be connected to the desktop and i would like it to connect to the new laptop and a further pc in my sons bedroom if possible.
Furthermore is there anything else i need to buy to make these connections possible.

All advice is welcome and very much appreciated.

If i need to provide any further info,please just ask.....i will provide the info as soon as possible.

Thankyou Skidzy

  ade.h 17:54 21 May 2006

So many people ask this in Networking on a regular basis; I will just make the same suggestions. I will assume that you are an ADSL customer, rather than cable; that you do not have ADSL+; and that you do not stream large multimedia files.

Belkin 7632 (my preference). Linksys WAG354G. 3Com DUA100A.

  skidzy 18:01 21 May 2006

Hi ade,sorry about posting i spend most of my time here (Helproom) i totally forgot about Networking.

I will look into your suggestions and consider them,thankyou for replying.

  skidzy 18:04 21 May 2006

Yes i am ADSL with Wanadoo,and basically run my systems as a everyday use for the business and family.Although the new lappy is mine and mine alone...hence no kiddies fingers on it Lol.

No big multimedia files,just the normal downloads..apps,updates etc.

  ade.h 18:15 21 May 2006

That makes it easier for you, then; no need for any proprietary boosted systems. a MIMO setup (with multiple aerials) can help if you have signal difficulties with solid walls, but my bog-standard 11g router delivers maximum signal through the brick walls of my house. If you had ADSL2+, you'd need a compatible router, but no worries there either.

  skidzy 18:18 21 May 2006

Just had a look on Ebay,although not sure except your recommendations...i found this,does it do the job ? click here
forgive my ignorance ade,all new to me.

  Forum Editor 21:03 21 May 2006

at skidzy's request.

  ade.h 21:20 21 May 2006

Well firstly I wouldn't buy anything through eBay. I tend to buy from Dabs. Secondly, I would be a bit reticent to buy a Netgear in favour of my recommendations; I had to set one up once and found it to be less configurable than any of my suggested models.

Note: be careful to choose a modem/router if you are an ADSL customer.

  skidzy 21:24 21 May 2006

Cheers ade
Think il tick as resolved and just stick to your recommendations.

If ok,once the lappy has arrived and ive picked up the router...would you mind if i contacted you via PCA's yellow envelope if i incur any problems on setup.

Cheers skidzy

  ade.h 21:47 21 May 2006

Unless you go for a Belkin, it's best if you post in the forum with any setup questions. I have the manuals for the other models, and I'm in the process of writing guides for them, but it's the Belkin with which I have the most direct experience. I'll be happy to help you where possible.

  skidzy 22:06 21 May 2006

Cheers ade

Like i say...think i will stick with your suggestions and see where we go from there.

Thanks for your time ,its very much appreciated.

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